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If you’re struggling with your online presence, let me share my seven Social Media tips to ensure your photography business succeeds and that you’re a social media superhero!  As a professional, you’ve got a gift to share with the world and social media is the place to share it! But here’s the thing girly, in today’s cluttered online world, you’ve got to be smart about how you post. With that being said, people can absolutely see through fake, and are desperate for some authenticity online… so we’ve got to tread lightly here my friend.  


While social media strategies are totally my jam… and I am going to share some of those with you, I pinky promise… it’s so important we remember a few things!  Here are my seven my popular social media tips for creative entrepreneurs!


1.  Don’t make your platforms about you.

With everything you post, think through how you can love and encourage others, using those gifts. That doesn’t mean you don’t get paid, or never promote anything… but it does mean you focus on the value you offer others first!  This is actually one of the most important social media tips I can give you – because it changes your entire mentality!


2.  Own your giftedness.

The flipside of making your social media all about you, is doubting that there’s anything you have to offer. If you’re a photographer, a maker, a writer, an encourager or a wife, mom, friend or person… you HAVE SOMETHING to give. So own that, and sparkle on my friend. You can be confident, giving and humble all at the same time… promise!


3.  Be a liker, not a looker.

It’s time to start double tapping and thumbs-upping, all. the. time. I want you to give out your likes generously and freely. Don’t just lurk around people’s posts, interact with them. Like, comment, share and engage!

Here’s why…

Facebook and Instagram are all about algorithms. Just in case you’re like..”algor-wha?!?!,” an algorithm is the formula these platforms use to determine how many people see your posts.

Algorithms are HEAVILY based on interaction and engagement… meaning: if you post something and get 20 likes, shares and comments within minutes of posting, Facebook and Insta are going to think your post is pretty amazing. Then, that little algorithm will push your posts into more people’s feeds, so more people see your stuff.

This is one of my favorite social media tips to share!  When you throw likes around like confetti, you are helping your friends out. And girl, I want you to be the type of social media super hero that encourages others with your influence and lives out of an abundance mindset. So like away my friend, like away!


4.  Give Back Your Gifts

We’ve already talked about the fact that you have gifts, and need to use them, but I want you to think through how to use those gifts to bless others. Can you use your fundraising skills and platform to raise money for a non-profit? Can you use your photography skills to capture the stories of cancer survivors? Can you design t-shirts to sell for students wanting to go overseas on a mission trip? What are you good at, and how can you use that gift for good in the world?


Sidenote… I am not saying to do everything for free. In fact, I want you to know your worth and charge clients accordingly. When you have built a profitable business, you will be freed up to give and use your gifts in ways that are less of a burden, allowing you to give more passionately.


5.  Give Shout Outs

Is someone you know absolutely killing it in their business?

Is one of your clients truly thriving?

Are you watching someone use their gifts in some incredible ways?

Well, then, my friend…call em’ out!

Whether it’s someone who’s poured into you, or someone you’re pouring into, call out people who are totally sparkling in life and online! Why? Because this is the stuff true social media super heroes are made of and this is one on my most fave social media tips!  Why?  Because it helps you connect!  When we use our platform and influence to encourage others, we are truly defying that whole competition thing, and saying to the world… ”there’s room for all of us to be successful, and I am someone who totally believes and lives by that worldview!” Be that girl, k?


Alright my sparkles, now that you’ve got some heart behind your quest for social media superhero status, let’s get practical with these social media tips!


6.  Rave about your clients; during or after working with a client, talk them up across your platforms.

Here’s what this looks like:

After taking photos of a precious family, don’t just share the gallery preview… tell the story. Find something that makes them unique, special or that touched you during your time together. Then, tell that STORY and share an image that fits naturally with the story. Be sure to tag your clients as well, so all of their friends and family can see how amazing you think THEY are!

Here’s why this works:

There are thousands of photographers in the U.S., but YOU are distinguishing yourself as one who really SEES their clients. Your clients are more than just an hour long session to you. You know their story and are telling it with gorgeous images. This is going to help you speak directly to the heart of potential clients. And, since you’re tagging your clients, their friends and family will see how you captured so much more than just a great pic, and they will want to book you!


7.  Tag People in Your Photos; connect with influencers, people who inspire you, and clients to grow your reach.

What this looks like:

Maybe you do a Follow Friday post, or an IG photo of people who have encouraged you. Write up something meaningful… totally not cheesy or annoying… then tag those people in your photo. Be sure to ask followers to share who they have been encouraged by, or who you should follow in the comments.  

Here’s why this works:

You’ve tagged people with followers. Those people will get a notification that you’ve tagged them, and their followers will be able to see your post. This gets you in front of some other audiences. Also, that fancy little algorithm is watching to see how many people you’ve tagged in a photo and how much interaction that photo gets. So… when people are leaving comments, answering your question, your engagement rate increases and the algorithm likes you better. That’s a good thing my friend, because we want that algorithm to be our bestie… so we’ve gotta play by its rules.

But wait…. make sure you are genuine in posts like these. Be real, authentic and not weird and spammy, tagging random people who have nothing to do with your post, or your life… k? That’s annoying and that’s called #crashtagging.  Please don’t do that.  Ever.


Alright my little sparkle, that was a lot. But, being a social media superhero is about a whole lot more than a strong strategy.  You’ve gotta use these social media tips to ensure you shine online!

While I am a BIG believer in using strategy in a smart way, you’ve got to start with a heart that’s in it for more than just making sales. So, I had to get all up in my feelings here, before I could give you those social media tips… cuz’, the heart matters, too, my sparkle.

If you loved this, you are going to love my FREE social media challenge! This series will teach you the strategies you need to grow your reach, your business, and your bottom line using social media. As always, I bring lots of heart to the nitty-gritty strategy stuff, so while I am going to get super practical and a little geeky, I promise to do so with lots of sparkle and shine for ya’!  RSVP now so you don’t miss a thing!

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