Start Your Summer Photography Bucket List Today!

Do you have a photography bucket list? As photographers, we spend most of our time documenting the lives of others. We wait, watch, feel, and take-in the experiences, emotions, and goings-on of everyone around us. And then. And then, we realize that we’re missing out on capturing our very own lives. We’re not taking the […]

10 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your Business

Hey there, sweet sparkles! So many of you have realized how to play the wide global market through consistent social media marketing followed by stellar engagement. Howevah, you seem a little perplexed – sifting through the glitter – trying to figure out how to find local clients. No fear, sweet sparkles. I’ve been where you are […]

Find Your Passion & Your Purpose

Let’s Find Your Passion & Your Purpose I’ll be honest.  I never planned this post.  I didn’t think before I pressed “broadcast.”  I didn’t obsess over how I would look or what people would think or what the spammers would say.  You know why? Because it didn’t matter. Six years ago, I read a book that […]

Goal Setting: Define Smart Goals for Your Photography Business – Part 3

Hello again, Sparkly Friends!!! Now that we are in goal setting mode, we have to do a little more tweaking to make sure our goals are SOLID and, most importantly, SMART goals. It won’t be painful and it WILL be worth it – promise!! Ready, set, let’s go!!! How can we be sure to set […]

Goal Setting for Your Photography Business – Part 2

Hello Sparkly Friends! If you’ve been following me on my other social media channels, you know that we’ve been giving our businesses a big warm bear hug by embracing all things new – including (and especially) setting new goals. Goal setting and goal achievement are not only a big part of your business – they should […]

Setting Your Photography Business Goals

Setting your very own, unique to you, photography business goals means  so much more than establishing a finish line.  To be successful, we need a plan that involves tools, resources, and motivation to keep moving full speed ahead.  We need to understand WHY we are relentlessly pursuing our dreams and exactly what’s at stake if […]