Microphones and Lighting for Live Video

“Hey, Cyrissa!  What lighting for live video is your favorite?!”  Seriously… if I had a sparkle for every time someone asked me that question!  As if getting up the courage to broadcast on live streaming video wasn’t enough, we’ve also got to worry about lighting for live video, microphones for live video, tripods for live […]

a Photographer’s Wish List

Guide To the Perfect Gifts on Your Photographer’s Wishlist! Guys, I have run into a dilemma and it seems to happen most of the time – I have absolutely no idea what to put on my Photographer’s wishlist! Whenever the topic of Christmas gifts comes up I find myself at a loss for ideas; only wanting […]

My Photos are the Wrong Colors!

There are few things more frustrating than getting prints back or uploading your images to social media, and noticing that your photos are the wrong colors!  Right?!  As photographers, we know in our minds how we want an image to look, sometimes before we even take the photo at the session. So it can be […]

Family Portrait Clothing Ideas | Using Color to Plan

Hey, Sparkles, have you had your OWN family photos taken lately? Headshots, possibly? If not, I hope you get out the calendar, call your go-to photog and get it on the schedule right freaking now. Why, you ask? It’s so important to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Your clients are feverishly looking for family […]

Set Your White Balance with an Expodisc

Sparkly photogs, are you having a craptastic time getting your white balance straight? No worries! I got you! I want to give you a quick overview of  how to save your sanity and time in post-processing. Let’s take a few minutes and learn how to set your white balance with an Expodisc. You can thank me […]