Holdfast Money Maker – Best Camera Strap on the Market!

Sooo, have you heard about the Holdfast Money Maker? No? If you haven’t heard about the best camera strap in existence, you better sit down because I’m about to preach. I was on a quest, my friends, for FIVE YEARS. I searched high and low in desperate need of a gorgeous, feminine camera strap {hello, […]

Start Your Summer Photography Bucket List Today!

Do you have a photography bucket list? As photographers, we spend most of our time documenting the lives of others. We wait, watch, feel, and take-in the experiences, emotions, and goings-on of everyone around us. And then. And then, we realize that we’re missing out on capturing our very own lives. We’re not taking the […]

Photographers, do friends and family support your business?

Well, hello, my fellow Sparkles! Having a hard time with people who do not support your business? Do you feel completely unloved, unsupported and misunderstood when it comes to your photography career? It may be all the time, or even just some of the time? If this is you, congrats. YOU. ARE. NORMAL. That’s right. Many […]

Workout for Photographers

A Workout for Photographers {and why I LOVE the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program}!   Today, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite workout for photographers!  Our jobs are hard and we don’t always do it because we have to, but because we want to.  As a result, we spend hours in front […]