Senior portrait sessions – learn how to hook ’em & book ’em !

Senior portrait sessions lagging? Let’s talk about it. Sparkle sisters and glitter guys – assemble. Lean-in because we’re about to have some real-talk about the one thing I hear over and over again among photogs near and far. A little bird tells me that you {and everyone} want to book more senior portrait sessions. However, […]

Social Media for the Slow Season

It’s winter, a chill is in the air, you’re busy updating your website, but you’re probably wondering, “what do I post on social media in the slow season?!”  While I love to use this season as a bit of a “summer vacation,” I also know how important it is to use this season wisely. So, […]

How to Use Snapchat for Your Photography Business

This week, we’re taking a look at why you must be using Snapchat for your photography business!  Last week I gave you the low-down on Pinterest {even though I’ve totally been a hater in the past} and I even dabbled in some casual blog/SEO talk! I also promised you beautiful sparkles some info on Snapchat. Go […]