Make the New Instagram Update Work for Your Photography Business!

instagram update How are you feeling about the recent Instagram update, my sparkly photogs? I PROMISE YOU, there’s no need to be freaked out! If you’re Instagraming the right way, the Instagram update is nothing to worry about! How do you know if you’re Instagramming the right way? No worries. I’m going to tell you […]

Social Media Engagement – 5 Tips for Success!

My sweet sparkly photographer, have you been wondering how to get more social media engagement?  I know… it’s one of those necessary evils that you just don’t wanna do.  I get it. We’re supposed to make these perfectly groomed little social media pets who sit, stay, and speak when we tell them to… while balancing all of […]

Login to Instagram with Multiple Accounts

How to login to Instagram with multiple accounts! How long have we waited to be able to login to Instagram with multiple accounts? As someone who manages multiple business accounts plus my personal account, I have been WAITING for the day that the Insta-powers that be would wave their sparkly magic wands and say, “ta-da! Thou […]

Periscope for your Photography Business – Immerse Workshops

Does the thought of using live video for your photography business make you want to throw-up? Let’s be honest, if you’re like most creatives, getting on live video sounds just as horrible as reading your fifth grade book report in front of the class; sweaty palms, nervous poops, blushing cheeks, and all.  Just a real good […]