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Customize Facebook Group Settings & Stand Out!

Did you know that you can customize Facebook group settings to match your brand?!  As the one who {likely} wears all the hats in your business, you need to stay savvy with the latest social media updates. Facebook groups are an awesome way to engage clients {and potential clients} in a personal and meaningful way. If you want to to make the most of Facebook groups, you should know all the ins and outs of the newest settings!

In June of 2017, Facebook rolled out a new mission statement that centered around communities, conversations, and bringing the world closer together.  Not only that, but Facebook decided to move Facebook groups way up in the algorithm; meaning successful groups and being seen more and more in the newsfeed!  What does this mean for you?

If you want to stay visible on Facebook, at least for now,
you’ve gotta create a fabulous Facebook group!

One way to create a group that gets everyone talking is by up-leveling the client experience!  Nobody likes Facebook groups that pop-up in their newsfeed without providing any real value!  Make it easier to find your fabulous content, increase the chances that your group will be found in search and throw in some custom colors… and you’ve got all the makings of a great community!  Let me show you how to customize Facebook group settings and shine online!

Facebook Group Settings in the Group Feed

There are two main features I want you to start using as soon as you can, and both can be found in the general “feed” of your group!  You can both of these settings while you’re creating your post or after it’s already been posted!  But both make it super easy for people to find important info, fast!

1. Announcements

This is going to replace what we knew as pinned posts on Facebook groups. Originally, when we had important announcements, welcome statements, info, we could post those things to the group, and pin that message to your group. On the desktop, this Facebook groups feature rocked our socks. On mobile… it was pretty much invisible. Announcements will be highly visible on desktop and mobile. PLUS, you can have more than one announcement for easy access to all relevant info.

2. Topics

One big user complaint is that finding something on Facebook groups is difficult. Enter: Topics. The awesome thing about this is when you create a new post it can be magically labeled and then later searched. This is indexing and searchability at it’s best.

watch me change the settings and get bonus pro tips!!!

Facebook Group Settings in Your Settings Menu

The rest of the settings that I’m about to show you are in the “Facebook Group Settings” button in your group.  Hop on your computer, then click on the three little dots that say “more,” then select “edit group settings.”  All your options will appear on the next screen!

Facebook Group Settings Menu for Customizing

3. Group Type

This allows Facebook to understand how a group is displayed on newsfeeds. Also, it also allows users to interact with your content better. Remember, Facebook is focused on community and discussions. So, as a result, I would caution you against the buying and selling option in your Facebook groups.

4. Description

This is what users will see when they search for your group. This is also what they will see when requesting access to your group. Make it quickly and abundantly clear. Make sure each user knows – right out of the gate – how your Facebook groups will make their life better.

5. Group Tags

Do you want your Facebook groups to be searchable? Make sure you use these. If you want your group to be more secret, keep those tags to a minimum or don’t use them at all!

6. Locations

If your group is related to your local business or has a local influence {like a meet-up group} consider adding the location. If your group is secret, this location will only be viewable to members.

7. Linked Pages

Boom shaka! Facebook groups rolled out the option to link your professional page to your Facebook groups. You can now comment as your business in your groups and on your page. Also, you can toggle between posting as yourself and your brand to bring in the personal touch as needed.  Plus, a link to your group will appear right on your Facebook page… making it super easy to attract new members!

8. Color

Can I get an amen? I can’t be the only one who has been waiting for this {hello, pink}! The ability to pick a color for your Facebook groups will add a branded look and feel to customize the group just a little bit further.  Right now, these colors only display on the mobile view, but they sure look fancy!  I can’t decide which color I like best!

new facebook group colors

9. Custom URL

Let’s be real… if your group URL is www.facebook.com/groups/93874932874938… no one will remember that and will have to search for your group page every time. If you pick a memorable slug for your URL, you’ll be in great shape.  Remember, keep it simple and in line with your brand, whenever possible!

10. Auto-Approval

If you’re the admin of multiple groups, you may have some group members who overlap from one group to another. I have one large free group with thousands of members and some smaller paid Facebook groups. I can auto-approve members of my smaller paid groups to fast-pass them right into my large group. Also, this frees up my time and makes this process a no-wait situation for the users.

11. Ask Members Questions

Think of this as the gate access for your group. You can select three entry questions {serious or silly, if you choose}. When a user requests access, they will have to answer the questions. Once questions are answered, you can decide if the user gets in or not. Once you approved the member, you can no longer go back and see the answers to the entry questions {so save them if you want to use them for member data}.

The New Facebook Group Settings are Pretty Fab!

I’m stoked to see where Facebook groups are going, are you?!. They don’t eliminate the need for a Facebook page, but they allow us more intimate connections with our clients!  How do you envision using some of these settings to make your client experience even better than it is now?  Let’s share some great ideas in the comments!

Ready to up-level your social media game?!  I’d love to be the one to help you make it happen {and save you a crap-ton of time in the process}!  Download my newest freebie {30 social media posts for your photography business} and schedule a month of posts in just a few short hours! Start eliminating stress and enjoying your business more!  I’ll see you in class!

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  1. Hi ,

    I am the admin of a facebook group but I cannot post an announcement. It doens’t have it as a choice. Would you happen to know why please?

    1. while they announced these updates a few months ago, they’re SLOWLY rolling them out! i have some features in some groups – but not all of them! so hang tight, it should be coming soon! xoxo

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