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I know you’ve been posting your heart out on social media with blogs, sneak peeks, live videos and all, but are you still wondering how to get more social engagement? Don’t worry, you’re totally normal! Algorithms are frustrating and with the ever-changing rules of social, it’s hard to keep up.  However, if you want to stay savvy on social, you have to play the game. Once you hit “post,” there’s still work to be done, my friend. Let’s make that content work for you. It’s time to get more social media engagement!

Get more social engagement by playing footsie with the algorithm.

You know how it works. You kick around and see if there’s a response. If not, use both feet and maybe an elbow. Tags, links, and photos are an amazing start {and totally matter}, but clicks, likes, and shares are the true golden ticket to engagement.

Disclaimer: getting engagement is hard. It doesn’t come easily to anyone. You have to work for it and earn it. Let’s say this together: social media won’t work unless I do!!!

With that being said, how do we get people to join us on live video and interact? How do we get those comments, likes, and shares? How do we get engagement without bots that make us feel slimy and dirty?

It’s easier than you think, my friends! Enter: Launch Tribe

Woah, a what?? That’s right, launch tribe. Chances are you already have one and don’t even know it. Three of my girlfriends and I {they’re also entrepreneurs} have a mutual understanding that when one of us posts content that needs to be seen – we engage the crap out of it. I mean, what are friends for anyway? When I make a post or go live, I know I can send a quick link to my girls and they will have that thing all over the internet in no time {and never be annoyed by my asking}. I happily return the clicks, comments, and shares with them. My launch ladies and I regularly show each other love and support in this very simple {and VERY beneficial way}. See, that ain’t no thang.

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Wanna hear me break it down {and share a few bonus pointers}? Come on over to Youtube to learn even more about this great way to grow your social media engagement!

Get more social engagement with your own launch tribe!

It’s so easy, here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose 5-10 people who are close to/mirror your ideal client.
  2. Create a text thread or FB messenger chat to communicate exclusively for this purpose.
  3. Ask them to engage with your posts {comments & likes} and hop on with you when you’re live {commenting, being a wingman and sharing as appropriate}.
  4. Give them a clear timeframe for communication {when will you be asking for help? a month? week? the whole dang summer?}
  5. Reward {or bribe} them accordingly. $5 Starbucks for everyone to raffle off a $50 Ulta gift card for those who helped you the most. These are your people, be. generous.

Why it works {without making you feel sleazy}:

  • You’ve outlined the explanation {simple!} and told them exactly what you need!
  • You do NOT expect them to buy {clarify this… you’re just asking for help, not for $$$}.
  • You’re willing to return the hustle when the time comes!
  • Because we’re social creatures, they are leading the way for others who {over time} will join the party and you – my friend – will get more social engagement. Your launch tribe sets the example.

Get more social media engagement by thinking outside the box!

It’s really that simple to get more social media engagement. Find your tribe, love them hard and they will love you back in comments, likes, and shares {which = dollars later}. Now that you’re ready to get more engagement, how about 30 free posts for your photography business? Stop slaving away at your computer and get back to your family and friends!  This free strategy guide will help you create an entire month’s worth of content in one afternoon!  Grab your copy and let’s #glitterdone!

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