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Hello again, Sparkly Friends!!!

Now that we are in goal setting mode, we have to do a little more tweaking to make sure our goals are SOLID and, most importantly, SMART goals. It won’t be painful and it WILL be worth it – promise!! Ready, set, let’s go!!!

How can we be sure to set smart goals?

I’m so glad you asked because I have answers!  I have a Master’s in Art Education and spent ten years teaching art in a highly awarded school district… so I know a thing or two about goal setting.  In fact, my sparkly little teacher’s heart is just about to explode with joy as I prepare to share this with you!  Ok, here we go….

  • SPECIFIC – Smart goals are crystal clear.  Be very specific (there’s no time for messing around!)
  • MEASURABLE – Smart goals are measurable. Be sure you can set benchmarks and mini-goals along the way.
  • ATTAINABLE – Smart goals are attainable. Do I have the sphere of influence to make this goal work? Is it reasonable to think I can complete this goal based on what I know/who I know or what I plan to do?
  • RELEVANT – Ask yourself – is this the right time in my life? Am I at the right place in my business? Am I equipped or can I become equipped to do this the right way?
  • TIMEBOUND – Smart goals are essentially a dream with a deadline. When are you going to have your goal completed?

smart goals for photographers

Ok, now we know what smart goals are, let me give you a little fist-pump to get started. Sound good? Check it out…

  • Write those goals down! If you’re going to be a real-deal goal-digger, you need to write goals down where you can see them. This will keep them fresh in your mind and encourage you to keep moving forward in a positive direction that leads to your end-goal.
  • Pick three besties who will keep you accountable as you work toward these goals. Make them remind you; let them get in your business; give them permission to be bold! You may not like them while they push at you, but in the end you will definitely appreciate them (and love them for loving on you with accountability)!  Not sure how to invite your family and friends to join you on the journey?  Let me make it easy for you with this sharable blog post!  {Spoiler Alert: it’s number one most shared blog post…. over 400 shares on Facebook alone!  You should check it out}!
  • Set reminders to check-in with your goal progress once a month. At that time, do your check and balances and re-align anything that seems off-track.

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You absolutely have this, my friends!!  This process can be long and hard, but it is SO worth it!  Now, as you’re working through this process, it’s normal to have past regrets surface and float around in your mind.  So, I want to speak to your heart for a moment.  Your past?  Your choices?  Your mistakes?  They made you who you are now.  Without each joy and each struggle… you would not be the beautiful little sparkly soul that you are now.  Want to be inspired?  Click here to listen to one of my VERY favorite songs, Dear Younger Me.  And I just dare you not to tear up a bit.  In fact, I double dog dare you.

Are you sick of sitting on the sidelines and letting your life pass you by?

Let’s make this happen.  I’m here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way!  If, for some reason, you don’t have my amazing free goal setting workbook yet – GO GET IT! It will guide you through the entire process (and it’s pretty to look at, too).  While it’s only free in January, I can hook you up with the workbook, all the video trainings, and the private Facebook community for only $19 – shoot me an email {} and I’ll make it happen!

Would you rather join our FREE community and get free education that way?  Yeah…. me too.  Click here to join the Sparkle Society online!  I’ll even send you a FREE mini-workshop that answers the five questions you’ve gotta ask before starting your photography business!  Also, be sure to check-in with me on social media as I broadcast and post all about goal setting in an effort to help you be a true goal-digger – and do YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST for you business!

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