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Sooo, have you heard about the Holdfast Money Maker? No? If you haven’t heard about the best camera strap in existence, you better sit down because I’m about to preach. I was on a quest, my friends, for FIVE YEARS. I searched high and low in desperate need of a gorgeous, feminine camera strap {hello, priorities!}; but more so, I wanted to find the best camera strap to help {not hinder} my chronic back pain.

I’m sure you’re well-aware – carrying heavy gear and spending hours hunched over the computer sipping coffee, in the depths of Lightroom, will leave you with back issues like nobody’s biznas! Did you notice the hot pink tape on my shoulders in some of these photos?  That’s not a fashion statement and I’m not training to be an Olympian, lovebug, I’m treating some very real back pain that’s developed over the years.  

In my hunt for the perfect camera strap, I found several “solutions” along my way, but still… none quite fit the bill.

Let’s go over the options for cute camera straps, shall we? We shall.

1. Feminine neck straps.

There are plenty of feminine neck straps on the market. Most of them are cute enough, but not functional. They put a ton of weight on your neck and – guess what – our bodies weren’t designed to do that. You ain’t no pack mule, sista! And, apparently, neither am I. My vertebrae are officially backwards and I’ve been through all kinds of therapy, treatment and {oh yeah, PAIN} because of it. So, not all feminine neck straps are made to be functional, y’all. You have been warned.

2.  Wrist straps.

There are plenty of cute wrist straps in existence {check out}. However, if you have any type of wrist issue {or maybe if you don’t} this type of strap can exasperate the issue. Those of us to put hours into computer work each day are more prone to carpal tunnel… with that said, you have to be sooooo careful with your wrists at all times. Therefore, wrist straps aren’t the best option across the board.

 3.  Tool belt camera straps.

These bad boys don’t fit every body. I tried one, worked with customer service to get it right {because I really wanted to love it}, and in the end ended up returning the strap. Customer service threw up their hands and said that type of strap was probably just not meant for someone like me {sorry, Judy the Booty, you can’t always win}.

4.  Cross body camera straps.

While their lack of cuteness is one issue… the bigger issue is safety. I’ve heard HORROR stories about cameras coming detached from this style of strap and falling to their demise. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not during a shoot or busy season.

5.  Going strapless.

Of course, this is an option… but it’s a #$!& risky one! Just think about an over-served wedding guest knocking into you during the Cupid Shuffle and bOoM, there goes your precious gear. Friends don’t let friends go strapless. Don’t do it, my precious. Don’t. Do. It.

After going through all these bummer options, I made a last-ditch attempt to find the best camera strap {I knew it was out there!}. I kept seeing other photogs with this camera strap that looked like pure bliss for my neck and shoulders. So, of course, I found out what it was and got to Googling. Enter: Holdfast Money Maker.

pink hold fast money makerWhy I love my pink Hold Fast Money Maker:

1. The Holdfast Money Maker effortlessly slides over both shoulders!

This lets me keep both hands free and equally distributes the weight of my gear {think backpack}. I’m not gonna lie. I am still a teeny bit sore after weddings, but not nearly as sore as I would be with a traditional strap.

2.  There’s a bolt and a safety strap.

Who doesn’t love extra layers of protection? The good folks who designed the Holdfast Money Maker thought it all out. You not only get one safety feature, but a back-up as well.

3.  The Holdfast Money Maker is made of gorgeous hand-tooled, custom-dyed leather.

As a former equestrian, I totally appreciate high-quality leather and these straps fit the bill.  They’re sturdy and I have zero doubt that it can handle the stress of any photoshoot!

4.  You can carry two cameras at once!

Personally, I love to shoot with my DSLR and film. The Holdfast Money Maker allows you to do that {or carry a water bottle and a camera…lots of great options for efficiency!}

5.  The Holdfast Money Maker comes in pink.

Do I even need to say more? Having a pink camera strap not only makes my life, but it makes me feel comfortable and coordinated.

6.  The Holdfast Money Maker is somewhat of a status symbol.

When I pull this beautiful, high-quality, gear strap over my shoulders, my clients take notice. They know I mean business; they see I’m prepared and ready to serve them; also? this gorgeous pink camera strap meshes perfectly with my brand.


If you’re on the hunt for a cute camera strap that is perfection – you’ve found the one!

The Holdfast Money Maker is definitely an investment, but well-worth it! It’s the perfect combination of form and function. I say BLESS YOU to the wonderful people who crafted this feminine camera strap. It’s gorgeous and gets the job done! Best camera strap ever!

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  1. I absolutely love how you break it all down pros and cons of the different types of straps. Most definitely helped me decide on what to get when I buy my first DSLR! Thanks Cyrissa!

  2. Thank you for sharing the background and how you landed on the Hold Fast strap. I am not a pro, but do a lot of hiking, slogging around gardens and mansions with my DSLR and love this idea!

  3. OMG I need one of these!!!! I’ve seen holsters like this everywhere but had no idea what they were called, where to get them, or that they came in PINK!! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing the breakdown!

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