How to Create a Photography Portfolio

design a photography portfolio
Have you ever wondered how to create a photography portfolio?

Now that you know WHY having a photography portfolio is important, we are going to talk about how to create a photography portfolio. Back in college when your prof explained how to create a photography portfolio – you probably put together bits and pieces of your best work to hang on a wall or in a sleek black book. Now that we live in a digital-age, you {my sparkly little darling}, need to know how to create photography portfolio that will let you #shineonline. That’s right, you need learn how to create a photography portfolio to show the world just how awesome you are.


Don’t know how to create a photography portfolio? No worries, my little sparkle. I am going to tell you right now!

1. Mental mindset

You need to know WHY you’re going to create a photography portfolio. It’s to show you’re awesomeness; it’s what you’re going to use to sell your brand and create engagement on social media. When you learn how to create a photography portfolio, you’ll soon see that it will up your value and help you build your brand. You are amazing because YOU are YOU! Nobody else can capture your style, value or worth – nobody! So, let your talents sparkle and learn how to create a photography portfolio that is the soundtrack to your very own greatest hits!

2.  You have to decide your niche market – and center your portfolio around that.

You’re going to be shooting what you show. In example – if you love to shoot weddings, your portfolio will be filled with AMAZING bridal images. So, do a little brainstorming or storyboarding – maybe even make a pros/cons list related to what and who you love to shoot. Center yourself and go crazy capturing amazing images that you can use when you create a photography portfolio that will for sure #shineonline.How to Create a Photography Portfolio

3.  Find models who are willing to pose for you!

Your family and friends already know you. {Heartbreak moment} they already know you as the crazy lady with the camera so you’re going to have to be brave with this one.  You can teach them how to support you by asking them to read this {How to Love a Photographer} or this {Support My Business without spending a penny} or this article {Dealing with Family & Friends who don’t “get” You}!

Get quality referrals OUTSIDE your inner circle of family and friends so you can broaden your reach and fill your portfolio with beautiful new people who will sing your praises and tell their friends all about you – thus broadening your reach even more.

4.  Be clear with your models and lay clear expectations!

Hear me very carefully: under no circumstances do your models get any digital files without promoting you and doing what you ask.  Not willing to sign a model release?  No photos.  Don’t tag themselves.  No photos.  Don’t share on their own wall.  No photos.  Some other excuse why you need to give them all of your photos {aka: hard work for free}?  No photos.

Have them sign an agreement {grab the one I use right here – go to home/contracts/model releases/model release forms} before you take the first photo!  They will take you SO MUCH more seriously!

Your models will have to #WERK for those “free” photos. Put them to work on social media and tell them exactly what you need them to do {share and tag like there’s no tomorrow}.  Ain’t nobody got time to give images away for free, sister!

5.  Share those photos on social media!

After you learn how to create a photography portfolio, you need to SHARE IT. What good is a portfolio that just sits there? Be sure to share the photos strategically and one at a time. Additionally, remember to continue to coach your models on what you need them to do {share, tag, promote, etc…}!  If that feels overwhelming, don’t worry – you can steal the exact email script I use to get them tagging themselves on social media!  Easy Peasy!

Done correctly, and with a strong strategy, your photography portfolio can be an incredible selling tool!

Do you need help turning your photography hobby into a profitable brand!  I’d love to help you make it happen!  Grab my FREE downloadable guide to starting your photography business!  I’ll show you how to get legal, establish yourself on social media, price yourself for profit and much more!  You owe it to yourself {and your family} to make this happen!  One little step at a time, sweet sparkle!  We’ll get you there!

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