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So, what’s a girl have to do to get some attention around here? Here, being Instagram. Here’s a hint: it starts with your Instagram bio. I get a lot of complaints that booking local clients on Insta just doesn’t work. I hear you, girl. However, we have a workaround. Let’s get ready to tackle your Instagram bio to make sure you get the right clients and your clients land the right photographer!  Because when you have a snazzy Instagram bio, you’re going to book more clients for your photography business!

How can your Instagram Bio help you book more clients?

Think of your Instagram bio as a first impression. You literally have 1/10 of a second to make the right first impression. Also, your Instagram bio has to be sharp as a tack if you want the world to know you’re a #bossbabe geared to divide and conquer creative real estate. For all intents and purposes, you Instagram bio is your digital resume. Your {gorgeous} face; name; key info; and place on the web is all right there. We want to make sure it’s perfect. Because… remember that 1/10 of a second? It matters.

I’m going to show you how to use the four main elements in your Instagram bio to your advantage!

Not sure how to adorn your Instagram bio with the jewels it needs to get attention?

Put your face in the game

1. Profile Photo

instagram bio blog sparkle societyYou have two choices. If you are a solopreneur, we want to see a photo of your face {smiling!}. If your business represents a team, it may be wise to use your logo here instead. Let’s focus on you, the solopreneur. I understand that you’re artistic, a little moody, and love to show off your best work. However, you’re a professional in a service-based industry. Therefore, using a profile photo that shows your smiling face will be most inviting to those who don’t yet know you.

It also gives your tribe confidence that they are following the right brand when connecting with you on social media and following you all over the inter-webz. People want to make sure they’re in the right spot, use the same photo across the web to maintain brand consistency and leverage customer confidence!

What’s in a name?

2. Name & Usernames… what’s the difference?

There are two facets to naming yourself on Instagram. If you go into Instagram there’s an option for ‘name’ and ‘username.’ Your username is your handle {how people search for you and how you label yourself on the ineterwebs}. Your ‘name’ is your tagline. Also, these two pieces of your Instagram bio should complement each other {but not copy each other}. Let me explain. The tagline is meant to tell a little more about your business {use emojis to stand out and let your client know instantly what you’re about}. Use this space wisely. It should help you pop-out in search results.  Do a quick search of “Sparkle Society” on Instagram and see if you can easily find me, based on how I created my names!

Insert sassy elevator pitch here!

Roger the Shrubber's Elevator Speech
Roger knows exactly what to say in his Instagram Bio, do you?

3. Content

This section is technically labeled as bio, though we considered all of these elements discussed here the Instagram bio. Think of this as your elevator pitch. Tell your clients how you serve them in a nutshell {aka 150 characters or less}. Cover these two elements: how can you serve clients and be sure to mention your location. Stay away from industry jargon like “I’m a natural-light photographer” {not vanilla…. but rocky road and double-chocolate cookie crunch}; make the content compelling, and don’t forget to mention your location {location, location, location}. I suggest you work on this section in notepad or another note-taking app. When you’ve come up with an Instagram bio that will make you Insta-fabulous, copy and paste into Instagram.

Here’s a golden ticket: add a hashtag to this section to categorize information that is unique to your brand {the # feature doesn’t pop you into search results yet, so use a hashtag that is relative to your unique brand}. Big brand awareness points here!

• would you rather watch or listen to this training?!  come on over to youtube, sweet sparkle! •

Instagram Bio Youtube Training

Take me to the mothership

4. Link

Where do you want to drive traffic? Here’s a tip: if you want to book more clients, this section does not {and probably should not} be your .com.  If you have someone interested enough to click your link, they have decided to consider working with you. If you send them to your homepage, they are already in search mode again. We want to make this uber clear and simple to contact you. Do you want to send them to an email list? Download a freebie? Inquiry form? Think about where you want them to go and then that’s the link you leave on your Instagram bio.

You could uplevel your bio by using something like LinkTree. LinkTree creates a virtual landing page that gives very specific options.  My sweet client, Sam from Willful Soul, uses Linktree to send her traffic exactly where she wants to grow her business the most! Whereas, Amanda, from Kimberlin Gray Photography, has created a custom landing page on her website!  This page link in her Instagram bio to drives traffic straight to her site to leverage SEO gold.  Either option works as long as you’re being intentional about where you send your fans!

instagram bio website examples

Feeling better about your Instagram bio & ready to use it to book more clients!?

If you loved this post and you’re ready to up-level your social media strategy, download my FREE social media cheatsheet!  This is ten-pages of social media gold; containing 30 social media post prompts designed to help you power-up an amazing month of social content with just a few hours of work!  more time with your family and friends?!  Yes, please!

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  1. Loved this! I signed up for LinkTree. Looks great and such a great landing page for multiple link for people to follow easily! Do you know if you can remove the LinkTree icon on the bototm? I upgraded my account.

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