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Facebook and Instagram have done it again folks. They’ve made some sparkly new updates and are rolling them out all over town. And of course, I’ve got all the deets on these new updates for ya’. Plus, I’m going to share some super deep thoughts on Instagram Pods, so you should probably stick around for the whole post, K? This is going to be a social media for photographers party up in here. Seriously. I promise.

Let’s get this social media party started.

Facebook Live Video Update

Ummm….can we say filters and masks?!?! Yes, you heard me, Facebook has created Snapchat style filters for us to play with. I’m talking colors and sparkles and unicorns and a pencil you can write with. I’m not going to lie, this update had me all kinds of giddy as I was playing around with it. But let’s not get too unicorn happy, friends. If you are using your Facebook live videos for professional purposes, or trying to get people to buy into one of your programs or services, then maybe just keep your inner sparkle-star halo under wraps for a bit. Just sayin’…the filters are cool, but they don’t exactly scream, “I’m a professional, hire me!”

Pros: This update is super fun, especially for personal videos.
Cons: This update doesn’t really up your professionalism, so use it wisely.

Instagram Comments are Now Likeable

Hmmmmmmmm… that’s right, you can now like Instagram comments. And, you can reply to them too, just like on Facebook. I’ll be honest, I have some mixed feelings about this. At first glance it seems like it might up your engagement levels, as people like the comments left on your pics. But, I kind of like it when someone loves one of my IG photos enough to tag a friend, and then that friend leaves a comment. You know why I love it? Because the algorithm fairies love it.  Now the algorithm might change to account for the comment likes and replies, so I am not quite sure how this is all going to play out. Bottom line with these little hearted comments: we are going to have to wait and see how the algorithm feels about em’.

Pros: This update gives followers a simple, quick way to interact with our photos and those who comment on them.
Cons: This update might take away from commenting on photos, which could make the algorithm a little unhappy.

Now Let’s Learn how to use Instagram Pods!

What is an Instagram POD you ask? Well, let me tell ya’! Basically, an Instagram Pod is a group direct message (usually between 10-15 people) that is designed to be your Instagram love posse. For reals. That’s the dictionary definition.

Actually, this group is where you go when a post of yours needs a bit of love. You shoot your group a message, and then they back you up with lots of double taps and comments. Generally speaking, this is a beautiful thing. The more engagement you get, the more the algorithm loves you. Initially, this is a fantastic way to see your engagement increase.

My concern with these pods is that they may not be the best long-term strategy. Here’s why: you get the most benefit in terms of algorithms when your photos are liked and commented on immediately after posting. In addition, Insta loves it when new people start engaging with your content. So, if you do a wedding, tag the bride and groom, then get tons of love from their friends and family, the algorithm will give you a warm, fuzzy hug. My concern is that pods are going to negatively affect you long term if the same people are always liking and commenting on your photos.  Overall, I think joining a pod can be super beneficial, but I’m not sure it is going to be what saves your Instagram forever and always. Also, just a little something to keep in mind, when you are in a pod you are going to get tons of direct message notifications. That can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially since you may not always be able to interact with everyone throwing things out there.

Pros: Instagram Pods will definitely increase your engagement {for a while}!
Cons: Instagram Pods may have a long term negative effect {in terms of the IG algorithm}!

Tip: If you are going to join an Instagram pod, consider changing it up every month or so. This way, your likes and comments will be a bit more organic and the algorithm might give you a little more love.

So… should you hop on the filter/comment love/pod train?

Here’s the thing people… just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do something. You need to learn to make informed decisions for your business and use what makes sense, based on your goals.  Would you take me seriously as a trusted professional if I did all of my live videos with a bambi face? Uhhh, I think not.  If joining Instagram pods and getting a gagillion direct messages a day is going to send you over the edge, then maybe skip the pod. I’m just sayin’. Know what’s available to you, and use all the new fancies to your advantage. But, keep in mind that you are building a business. At some point you are going to have to make people believe in you as a professional that can deliver. So be wise girlfriend!

Did this sound like a bunch of nonsensical craziness to you? Are you a newbie to the social media game and wondering what in the world a filter is? That’s cool, I love newbies! In fact, I’ve got a cah-razy deal going on for my introductory social media course. This is like a social media 101 type of class. It’s everything you need to know to sparkle your little heart out on social media. And it’s super cheap right now friends. Like ridiculously cheap… 40% off for Beta testers {making it under $60}!!! Check it out. I promise, you’ll feel like a pro by the end of this bad boy. Whatcha’ waiting for?  Claim your Beta seat now and let’s make you shine online!

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  1. I too am not sure I am happy about liking comments for IG, I liked when people left comments and we had to talk but we will see.
    I am in Comment Pods and I have thought about leaving, now I feel my IG posts will perform pretty well on their own but I also might not be excited by the accounts I follow anymore and might need to jump into another pod I will give that a thought.
    I love Snapchat to keep it personal. My Snapchat friends see it all family, my day gig, my artwork everything. I don’t know that I’m excited about that type of access for IG stories but I do think I will try IG stories out to share behind the scenes on my art practice. AH!! Being an artist plus promoting it via social networks is a bit cray cray but it’s fun right?!

  2. can i just say YoU ROCK!! like seriously ROCK!
    you are a bright spot and give so much info for creatives to be grounded!!! Keep it up!! When my ipad is charged (sharing with a group of kids is tough, right?) I get to see you on Periscope and you make my day! I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Love Love Love my IG pods. Even if I’m not sharing posts with them, I’m learning and growing and asking questions. Made some awesome friendships in them. Now, if I can just remember their FB names to talk to them. lol
    Thanks for sharing!

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