instagram update

instagram update
How are you feeling about the recent Instagram update, my sparkly photogs? I PROMISE YOU, there’s no need to be freaked out! If you’re Instagraming the right way, the Instagram update is nothing to worry about! How do you know if you’re Instagramming the right way? No worries. I’m going to tell you right now. Let’s get to it and stay on top of that Instagram update, together.

Beat the Instagram Update:Instagram-update

  1. Plan ahead

    If you don’t have a social media strategy in place for your business, competitors will trample you faster than you can check your white balance! Like any other part of your business, social media interaction requires a plan! Plan those posts; think about what your followers want to hear. Look at content from their perspective. Don’t post just any graphics; make sure they are 100% stellar and add value to your followers’ feeds. Now are you wondering what’s considered “value?” I got you!!! That brings us to our next step in beating the Instagram update…

  2. Post with purpose

    Every time you post, think about if what you’re about to share is relative to your business and adds VALUE for your followers. Here’s an example. I LOVE to see photos of my friends’ personal lives; but, when I’m looking for valuable content that will HELP my followers; the content has to be valuable because your follower’s time is valuable. They want to get to know you; to learn from you; and they want to see how and why YOU, my sparkly friend, are the expert at what you do!  As much as we love your kids, keep the majority of your personal posts on your personal account.  #loveyoumeanit

  3. Boost engagement

    Get your engagement rank on (I’m not talking about turning on notifications or “boosting” your Facebook posts – don’t you dare do those things). Engagement happens when people are liking, sharing, commenting. If someone comments or tags you – TALK BACK TO THEM!  When you are interacting this way, you’re practicing good engagement and bumps up your algothrithms. Even you, my sweet introvert friends, can do this!! People are commenting to you because they love you; they see you as a real person and interacting with them will make them love you more. And, guess what? You need people to love you. You are in a service industry and you need to be personable – making people feel like they are part of the community! If you want more tips on how to rock out engagement, go to my blog post on 5 ways to get more engagement on social media. If you have those rates up, you will play well with the new Instagram update and algorithms.

  4. I want you to STOP WIGGING out

    Pinky promise me right now that you will STOP loosing your sh*t every single time there’s a new social media update. Just stop. Right freaking now. We don’t own social media. You have to sit back and ride the waves; implement good strategies; and werrrrrrrrrrrk for your engagement. You can do it!

    The ONLY thing we can really guarantee about social media is that it WILL change.  And honestly, that’s good news for those of us who are using best practices and really staying on top of the trends.  So when a new update rolls-out, sit back and intelligently assess how it could affect your business.  Then make the best decision for your business… and that might not necessarily be what everyone else is doing!

  5. Last but not least…Start. Using. Video.

    Videos will be bumped up in the feed and what’s more than doing it for the sake of visibility??? YOUR FOLLOWERS WILL LOVE IT. Videos are an amazing (and free) way to show your authenticity. Your followers will get to know you through video interaction and will learn to love you more!  Just do it. Practice in front of your mirror and thank me later.  And, if you’re woman enough to admit you may need a little help, click here and I’ll send you my five step guide to a better broadcast!  Trust me, it’ll help you!

So can we agree to stop worrying about the newest Instagram updates?

We really can weather this “storm!”  I hope that you’re feeling A LOT better about this social media change. Social media is ever-changing, and that’s okay! We just have to work it to the best of our ability and make we’re providing the best value possible!

If you’re ready for more, I’d love to be the one to coach you through the process of strengthening your social media accounts!  I can give you a tips on increasing your engagement {it’s easier than you think}, how to design a fabulous Instagram bio, and show you a few sneaky Facebook tips that save me money.  Click here to get the free mini-workshop and let me show you the ropes!  I can’t wait to help you Sparkle and Shine online!

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