Let’s get real. You need to start live streaming for business purposes. I know that you’re not sure. I bet you’re wondering, is it worth it? Will I know what to say? What if I’m having a bad hair day or sneeze on camera? Live streaming for business purposes is not just for funsies, it’s ESSENTIAL. In fact, if you’re not live streaming for business purposes, you’re gonna get left in the darkroom (see what I did there?).

Listen up: Facebook is trying to position itself to take over the normal tv broadcasting experience. For. Reals. If that’s what’s trending on social media platforms, we need to take yourviewersnote and follow up if we expect to be seen (and we do)!!!  Social media changes constantly and, like it or not, you’ve gotta be on top of the trends!

Currently, live video is given the highest priority in the Facebook algorithm – which means your posts are actually gonna be seen in the newsfeed!  Want numbers?  When I do a live video {using best practices – not just a random broadcast} somewhere between 30-60% of my my fans are actually seeing it.  Even better – a HUGE number of those people are actually ENGAGING with the videos!

Stronger engagement does incredible things for your Facebook and Instagram pages!  So.  Live video streaming?  It matters.

Why MUST you use live streaming for business purposes?

You just do. No, really. Live streaming for business purposes allows you to authentically connect with your audience in real time. There is where you can build REAL relationships. I reach out in true real-life fashion every day. Need proof? Follow me on Periscope annnnnnnd catch me on Facebook live as well.  I’ll show you exactly how I use live streaming for business purposes every darn day. My naughty puppy knocks the tripod over half the time.  Sometimes I cry.  And usually I go off-topic and rant about something… BUT, my viewers are totally okay with it because we’ve built that kind of relationship via live streaming. Yes, it’s possible. Marriages were born from Myspace, people. Building business relationships over live streaming video is 100% legit.

Don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry. Just connect with me here and I’ll show you the ropes.

Three simple tips for using live streaming for business purposes

  1. Have a fabulous title!

    Your broadcast title is SO SO important! It needs to be compelling. Your title needs to tell viewers what you are going to miss if you don’t participate. You can try something like, “5 Tips for having an amazing urban senior session.” or “Check out my behind-the-scenes footage of this sunset beach session.” Just making it compelling and valuable!  Using links to sign-up forms or hashtags {especially on Periscope} are great ideas too!

  2. Don’t forget about your replay viewers!

    You may talk to an empty room when you first start out… but always greet those replay viewers right off the bat. Give them a warm welcome and then bust into your agenda. Yes, you have to have an agenda…next point…

  3. Design your video {don’t just wing it}!

    Use my fun 5 point planning worksheet to make sure your scope is valuable, organized, and to the point! You want to make sure your title is awesome; you have an intro; three main points; a good close and a call to action. Never forget the call to action.

Live streaming for business purposes does NOT need to be intimidating!

Are you freaked out?  Because if you are, congratulations!  You’re NORMAL!

I promise you using live streaming for business purposes is simple and NOT SCARY. People are OVER seeing such highly curated feeds; they want to see REAL LIFE!! You are getting right to the heart of your followers by showing them 100% real! That’s why reality TV took off. That’s why live streaming is taking off.

All of that curated nonsense is A LIE.  Very few of us have perfect top-knots, clean desktops, and pinterest lives… so stop trying to keep up that illusion.

Your followers need to know that they can relate to you {and they are a hot freaking mess – just like you}. If your door bell rings; if your dog barks; if your kids fart within ear-shot of your mic, who cares??? People want to know you’re real.  Let your audience know that they can connect with you because you are the real deal.

I know many of you are worried about this. I know you’re not 100% comfortable, but guess what…everyone is new here. Get with the program now so you will know how to use live streaming for business purposes before everyone else is in the game, too.

Ready to be a big girl?  Let me show you how to use Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Stories videos, Snapchat videos and more.  Click here to get my FREE live-streaming cheat-sheet!  Live video is easier {and more fun} than you think!  Claim yours here and let’s do this!

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