login to instagram with multiple accounts
How to login to Instagram with multiple accounts!

How long have we waited to be able to login to Instagram with multiple accounts? As someone who manages multiple business accounts plus my personal account, I have been WAITING for the day that the Insta-powers that be would wave their sparkly magic wands and say, “ta-da! Thou shalt be able to manage all of your accounts without logging in and out 700 times a day.”

The Winter 2016 update, which allows you to login to Instagram with multiple accounts, WILL be a game-changing ultra-powerful tool for your business. Excuses be gone. You can now switch between accounts (just hit the account name at the top for a drop-down or your profile pic, bottom right) to do it. Easy peasy, folks!

While being able to login with multiple Instagram accounts is THE BIG NEWS, a couple other exciting things are happening, too. And, I’ll be one of the first to let you in on these little deal-sweeteners because they aren’t listed in the update deets. Are you ready?

  • When you’re creating a post you can see a thumbnail of your image.
  • When you’re posting, there’s a little profile pic thumbnail next to your comment to let you know which account you’re using. Let’s face it….before long we WILL end up posting on the wrong account. At least Instagram is trying to help us out a little.
  • And, here’s another game-changer. You can now link and push posts to multiple pages on Facebook MUCH easier than we could in the past (I’ll give you the 411 in the video, below).

And, because I know some of you are video learners…

If reading all these details is just NOT your jam, check out this SHORT video and I’ll show you every little step!


Here are some quick tips to get going with the new Instagram updates: 

  • Add all your accounts {I personally have four – so you can do this!}

    Gear Icon > Add Account > Enter Login Info

  • To set-up page sharing

    Gear Icon > Settings > Linked Accounts > Facebook (will default to personal timeline – don’t do that!). Click the radio button next to the business page you want to push to and, voila!

    • Pro-Tip: DO NOT (did you hear me?) DO NOT share every single Instagram post to Facebook. You want to grab the attention of both audiences and you want to give your Facebook followers a reason to follow you on Instagram. If you are double sharing ALL THE TIME, you not only won’t get those followers to engage on both platforms…you’ll also be obnoxious.
  • Decide if you plan to use Instagram Stories

    This little feature is Instagram’s version of Snapchat.  Your audience may or may not respond to this platform, so do some research and decide if it’s right for you!

So, now that you have (or will have soon) these AMAZING productivity updates in your corner, go use them! Get your app updated and make the most of your time!  And, it would mean the absolute world to me if you’d share out this tutorial to your friends on social media!  Friends don’t let friends not know how to use Instagram, right?!  But seriously, share this out with those cute little pink buttons at the bottom of the post!

Then leave me a comment and let me know how much time you think this will save you a week!  For me?  I’m thinking it might save me enough time to take a few naps…. and that, my friend, is worth it!  Or, at the very least, it will make me more likely to actually consistently post on my page!

Are you struggling with social media?

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