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So you’re getting ready to market your photography class and are starting to feel a little nervous.  I get it – the thought of creating a beginning camera class but having nobody sign up is scary!  But, if you effectively market your photography class, you’re going to be just fine!

In fact, this is actually one of my very favorite topics to discuss and one of the things most photographers get wrong {both in terms of marketing classes and their own photoshoots}!  While social media, Facebook ads, and blogging are incredibly effective forms of marketing, they’re completely ineffective when done without a strategy.  Let me say that again:

If you don’t have a marketing strategy beyond “I need to post something” or “book a session with me” your marketing plan, for all intensive purposes, sucks.

Yup.  I just said that.  There are about five million things you need to do beforehand and making that post should actually be the last step in your process!  You need to know who is most likely to buy your workshop {or book a photoshoot}, what they like, when they’re online, and where you can find them.

1. When it comes time to market your photography class – know your client!

Here’s the best piece of advice I can give you:

You goal shouldn’t be to market to everyone – your goal should be to market to someone.

Let me say that a different way: you’re not a taco, you can’t make everyone happy, nor should you try to make everyone happy.  Your classes and photoshoots should be designed for a specific type of client in order to make top dollar.

For example, almost everyone can walk into Target and find a pair of shoes – right?! But not everyone’s heart is set aflutter at the sight of Tieks or Toms.  Those brands market to someone very specific who appreciates fashion, aesthetics and has a little more disposable income to spend.

Be like Toms.

Find your ideal client.  Study them.  Nurture them…  Then market the crap out of them by delivering the exact messaging, imagery, and solutions that they’re most drawn to in life.  Let’s dig a little deeper….

When you market your photography class, you’re essentially looking at three groups of people: DIY moms and retirees. The vast majority of these people are looking for ways to:

a.) take their own photos

b.) bless others with the art of photography

c.) small business owners


market your photography class


While vastly different, none of these groups is out to snatch your business – but all groups are highly likely to take your workshop. If you don’t want to attract people who are going to start their own business – don’t market to them.  Plain and simple!  Instead, try to woo people who have a general interest in photography.  In doing so, you’re empowering others, adding value to your community, and protecting your secret sauce at the same time!

Plus, those three groups of people will be your best brand evangelists moving forward!  Who is always trying out new things and posting photos on social media?  DIY moms.  Who has time to enjoy photography and chit-chat with their friends about it?  Retirees.  Who needs photography to grow their own business {and is likely to tell all their business buddies about you}?  Small business owners.  Get those types of students in your class and then watch your beginning photo workshops grow!

2. Know the numbers

Now that you know who is going to most likely take your class, how do we get them to actually enroll and book a seat? Listen up. It’s simple to get a verbal “okay, I’ll do it” when there’s no concrete commitment in place. It’s more difficult when money and long-term commitment is on the line.

Think about marketing your photography class like dating.

It’s true… you have to gain that know/like/trust factor from your potential clients. In most cases, you will have to stay in for the long-haul before getting a commitment {kind of like waiting on that engagement ring after dating for a while}.  It’s easy to get someone to say “that sounds like fun” but harder to get them to say “shut up and take my money!”  Right?!

You’re going to want to tell as many people as possible about your photography class and, if possible, get them onto an email list by offering some sort of freebie!  Why is this?  Well, when it comes to marketing, you can normally expect a 4-7% conversion rate – meaning, for every 100 people on your email list, 4 to 7 of them will actually buy it.  And not all of them will buy it right away!  You’re going to need to settle in for the long-term game and build real and lasting relationships with your clients to fill those seats!

market your photography class to your ideal clientThis brings us to our next point… hit them from every angle when it comes to marketing your photography class. 

3. Target them with the three main forms of marketing

Because everyone has different habits when it comes to internet usage and social media interaction, make sure all of your main outlets are up to date when you market your photography class! You’ll want to have your website ready with sparkling content including blog posts; a sales page and freebie offer!

Stay current on social media posts {it’s no time to slack off on social when you’re ready to market your photography class}. Keep that engagement going so you can convert more and gain that know, like, trust factor from prospects who have “seen you around” on social. Social engagement includes Instagram, Facebook, and live streaming video.

You’ll also need to have stellar word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is the key focus factor when it comes to getting those know, like, trust points. Do you have a small audience and need to grow?  Check out this post on finding local clients.  That post is full of the ten things I did to grow from a brand new business to a six-figure company in under three years.  You’re welcome.

Marketing your photography class can be a lot of work…

But I am here to help! There are eight things you need to do before you teach your first photography class!  Yes, it’s definitely important to market your photography class, but there’s a lot more to it than that!  Grab my photography class start-up guide to get a checklist of everything you need to do before your first class!

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