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Ermagersh! Mother’s Day is coming, Sparkles! Are you ready? Mother’s day photo shoots {especially mini-sessions} are an amazing way to connect to clients and spoil moms! Be warned, sweet Sparkle, these sessions *are* tricky business. Usually, moms are your contact. Moms are the ones who adore you first, book with you, coordinate the session, plan the outfits, and get their family in line. How-ev-ah, when it comes to mother’s day photo shoots, they typically won’t book them… because then it seems like she’s buying her own gift. There is a psychological component to mother’s day photo shoots, but they are do-able. So, listen up… we’re going to put a game plan together.

Who books mother’s day photo shoots?

Here’s a hint, it’s not mom. As I said above, mamas aren’t typically going to do things for themselves for mother’s day. So, we need to look to dad, and the kids. Now, we all know that dad isn’t scanning social media for the latest and greatest local photogs. No, no. Just no. Sooooo… we can’t just throw our traditional ads, opt-ins, and pretty photos up on social and expect dad to get it.  We need to adjust our strategy and imagery. We need to speak to the pain-points that dads go through each and every mother’s day. Here are a few…

“what do I get this wonderful awesome beautiful perfect mother of my children {who already has everything}” .

… Vacuum? {no, she’d kill me}
… Essential Oils? {no, she’ll try to use them on me}
… Lululemon? {no, she already has it all}


Here’s how we turn it around and get those mother’s day photo shoots in the books!


sparkle society ideas for mothers day photoshoots1.  Make a post for Moms…

Most of our clients are indeed women and they are the ones who see our posts. Sometimes they need the ability to drop a big sparkly hint to their hubbies and kids. Let’s make it easy for our ladies to ask for exactly what they want. Write a social post or a blog post and ask the mamas a simple question, “wouldn’t you love a mother’s day photo shoot ? If so, tag your kids or husband in the comments below.” G O L D E N. Mom’s are more apt to tag and hint than they are just to say, “let’s do this.” Easy for you, easy for mom, easy for dad and kids.

2.  Make a post for dads…

First of all, dad may not even know that mother’s day is coming. {sorry, dudes who are reading, we see you in the greeting card aisle nervously looking for the perfect card at 10:45pm the day before M-Day each year}.

Let’s solve the problem and inform them that mother’s day is coming. Boost a post targeted toward dads {hint: men in your local area, age 24-60}. Why that age? Most men <24 don’t have kids. Men >60… are probably not shopping online or social media. This will get the message right to the source and provide very direct instructions on how to #glitterdone mother’s day style.

3.  Send an activate-by-phone gift card…

One of my verrrry favorite make-up stores sent me a gorgeous eye-catching gift card in the mail. The kicker? The gift card has no value until I call a number and add money to the card. Is this not genius? All I {or my hubby} have to do to activate the card for a gift is call the number on the back and add some mad-cash with a credit card. Done and done!!!

No one has to go to a store. No one has to compromise brain cells Googling “mother’s day gift ideas.” And NO ONE has to worry that they picked the wrong thing, because gift cards are ah-mazing. I don’t care who you are. Everyone loves a gift card. This option will take some pre-planning on your part and use of a studio management system like Iris-Works, but keep it in your back-pocket for next year because it’s pure genius!


Do you have other genius ideas that help you book more Mother’s Day photo shoots?

If you have other amazing ideas for successfully booking mother’s day photo shoots, please post in the comments below! We’d love to hear all about them.

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