Ok, raise your hand if the thought of outsourcing your photography business makes you want to cry. Are you a little bit of a control freak when it comes to your work?  Come on now, I know you can be! We ALL can.  But that is just exhausting.  Like…. “it’s not authentically my art unless I do every single thing and every single edit for every single photo for every single client!”

You simply can’t do it all… and if you try, you’ll burn out.

We are protective over those dreams of ours that have been dreamed so long, fed so well, and planted to bloom into the beautiful sparkly realities they are now. It’s okay to be guarded, but sometimes you’ve you have to know when to say when. It can be hard to dial back those Type A tendencies and ask for help, but I’m gonna talk you through it. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of outsourcing your photography business.

And, before we start, let me tell you something.  I’ve now got SIX ladies as part of #teamimmerse that I pay on a regular basis.  While that sounds overwhelming and financially crazy… the more I outsource the more profitable and happier I become!  Money can’t buy happiness… but in this case, they sure do play nice together!  Alright?  So let’s talk about how YOU can do this too!

Thinking of outsourcing your photograph business?

What does that even really mean?

Outsourcing your photography business is exactly what it sounds like. While you clearly know your business better than anyone else, sometimes it’s reasonable (and necessary) to delegate duties to others who can help you. Once you have less on your plate, you are free to perfect the things that matter most OR do the things that ONLY you can do!

What CAN be outsourced?

For example, I can teach someone to edit in my style.  I can train my Sparklesistant how to design albums and order prints.  I can pay my interns to package-up orders and deliver them to clients.  I can dictate my blog posts to a ghostwriter and have her actually type them out for me.  I can hire someone to clean my house.  It’s not that I can’t…. it’s just not the best use of my time.

What CANNOT be outsourced?

I cannot, however, have someone else do my live videos – only I can do that.  I can’t have someone else mentor and do coaching calls with the ladies in my year-long mentoring program – only I can do that.  I can’t have someone else show-up at a photo-session – that’s a job that only I can do.  Want to take it a step farther?  Let me really punch you in the ovaries…

Nobody else can love your kids the way you do.
Nobody else can make your stud feel as respected and loved as you do.
Nobody else can be present for your friends like you are.
Nobody else gets your dog jumping for joy when the door opens like you do.

So why are you still losing precious time doing the things someone else could do for you?!

Prioritize the things that are important to you… then let the rest of the crap go.  Raise your prices to cover the expense of hiring someone.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s the thing: if you spend all your time doing things you could teach other people to do…. you’re decreasing your available time to do the things that only you can do.  And, I have a hunch, THOSE are the things that bring in the most joy and the most profit for your company.  So it really matters way more than you think!

Do I have you convinced?  Great!  Now, here are some to get your batons a twirlin’.

Pros of outsourcing your photography business:

      1. It saves you time!
        Sure, you can do it all yourself. You can also: never sleep, eat, or use the bathroom without replying to emails at the same time ever again. You have to start thinking of time as money. The time we spend away from our families and focusing on tasks that could be accomplished by someone else really does have a dollar value attached to it! If part of your work can be outsourced to save money, do it! In the long run, you are saving your priceless time!
      2. It allows you to focus on your area of “genius.”
        Let’s say you are a MASTER wedding photographer. You know that you need to market your skills in order to serve your ideal client. You know that social posts await; sessions need to be blogged; and hashtags need to be hashtagged…but? You just can’t work it all in. I’m here to tell you, you need to work it on out by outsourcing your photography business (at least that part of it!). By outsourcing things that you simply don’t have time (or, eeek, maybe the desire to do) you can focus on your master craft! You can hone in those skills and continue to perfect your own photography style and brand. So, think about it. 🙂 What can you give up?
      3. Everyone gets the best of you when you outsource.
        This point ties in with number two, above. If you are more available to do the things you’re AMAZING at doing, your clients get the best experience from you and your friends and family get the best of your (ahem) attitude and quality time.

Cons of outsourcing your photography business:outsource photography business

      1. Money money monnnnay.
        Yes, it’s true, outsourcing your photography business IS NOT FREE. However, most people (including yours truly) see a high return on investment. And all of the other pros make it money well spent time and time again.
      2. Lose control.
        I know. You don’t want to give up control. If you’re outsourcing your photography business there’s a chance that things may not get done exactly how you hoped or how you would have done them yourself. PS. You might want to lose control of a few other things while you’re at it (editing, blog writing, email responses, social media posts, grocery shopping, and housekeeping…). Who says you have to stop at your photography business? If something in your life is holding back your productivity (outside of your family, obvi!!) feel free to look for a way to outsource. There ain’t NO SHAME, people. None.
      3. Training time.
        I’m not going to lie, you can’t hire someone and expect them to run the show without training them (nor would you want them to). So, while you have to spend more of your valuable time up front to get them going, it will pay off in the long run.


So what about YOU?  What would you outsource for your photography business?

Anything.  Would it be your editing?  Blog writing?  Emails?  I’m planning some future blog posts and would love your input!  Tell me in the comments below your NUMBER ONE thing you’d outsource!  For real.  I want to hear what you have to say!

Want to learn more business tips and tricks with me?!  I’d love to deliver a FREE mini-workshop right to your inbox!  Click here to pick a workshop that makes the most sense for your business – there are several options!  You deserve to live a life you love and your loved ones deserve to have you living life with them.  So let’s stop trying to do all the things.  Let it go and find space for life again…immerse workshops cyrissa


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  1. I would TOTALLY outsource editing!!! I HATE it!! Would also love to spend less time going through my inbox. Lately I’ve been thinking about hiring a VA for customer service. I want to pamper my clients and create an awesome experience, but I don’t do IPS and don’t sell a lot of products. I would want someone who could keep on top of client communications and attend to their needs because I’m sooooo not organized. I’d also want them to keep a database of client info so that they would send out birthday cards and stuff like that. And maybe gifts throughout the year. Phew that was a mouthful! Sorry!!!

    1. guuuuuuurl. you and me both!!! i actually really LOVE editing…. but don’t have the time for it anymore! i’m in the process of hiring a graphic designer and a bonus perk will be if they can also edit for me. if i find someone and it goes well, want me to let you know! happy to share a good editor!!!

  2. In the summer months, when I am most busy, I do outsource my editing. I hire an intern, train them on how to achieve my style post production, and they do the editing. It frees me up to do more shoots and have excellent client communication. This year, I think I will add invoicing and scheduling to her tasks!

    I know some photographers who outsource social media. I love IG and FB, so I’d hate to give that up. But I’d totally outsource snap chat to an intern!

  3. Editing for sure it takes me so long…and okay I’ll be honest, marketing! I’m horrible at it but that is one thing I never hear about anyone outsourcing cuz you are the face of your business… But I’d love for someone to Edit, Market, and do my whole website design!

    1. TOTALLY understand, Cami!!!! I’m hiring someone (literally, I’m in the process) to *assist* with social media marketing. Not take it over, because yes, we’re the face of our brands… but to help! Check in with me in a few weeks and I’ll let you know how it’s going!

  4. I need to outsource- packaging! I packed up 3 orders the other day and from embossing labels to fluffing tissue paper that crap took me almost 2 hours!!!! Yes- I am a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect but dang.. 2 hours to package orders. No way. I am also SO BEHIND on blogging and social media posts. I have tried scheduling posts and I do sometimes but if you’re too busy to take an hour to even do that, it just doesn’t happen. Eventually I will have an assistant… Just not ready for that yet.

    1. we should talk….. i have some ideas for you!!! i would love for you to consider training an intern or hiring someone for 5 hours a week. i think it would be a game changer for you! i’m about to do it myself, so i can give you more feedback in a few weeks!

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