important affiliate information

• • { affiliate roles & responsibilities } • •


An Affiliate is someone who has used, is familiar with, or believes in the products that Immerse Photography, LLC has to offer.  Your role will simply be to share links to my workshops, as appropriate, to spread the word and help elevate the photography community.


I ask that any sharing or promotions be kept as authentic as possible (ie: someone needs help with social media, so you suggest the Social Spark with a personal recommendation and a link to the free download).


Any behavior that could be seen as “spammy” should be avoided.


The full description and definition of this relationship may be found in the Affiliate Agreement . Upon applying for Affiliate privileges, you are agreeing to all terms found within that contract.  I urge you to read it before promoting any workshop.

• • { the perks of being an affiliate } • •


Affiliates will be paid, via PayPal, on a per-course sold basis.  Cash bonuses vary in amounts depending upon the price point of the course, course content, and the level of personal engagement and involvement I’ll have with the participants.  Commission opportunities range from 15-25% of the final sale.  If you're interested in formally introducing me to your audience through a series of emails, Facebook Live appearances, or webinars that amount can be increased.  Please contact me to discuss.

Payments will be sent upon admin approval and once the said participant has submitted their payment in full.  You may not earn commissions off of your own purchases and such activity may cause you to be terminated from the Immerse Photography, LLC affiliate program.

• • { about cyrissa } • •


I have a Masters in Art Education and spent ten years teaching in a highly awarded Ohio school district.  Thousands of students, both children and adults, have come through my classroom.

I was a featured on-stage guest on two CreativeLive Courses {Instagram & Social Media}, the Photography Power Hour, have spoken at pro-photographer events and WordPress conferences, and been a guest on Sticky Albums, Swift Galleries, the Sprouting Photographer, Cashtography, the Canada Photo convention, the Gift Biz Breeze, My Creative Biz Coach, and several others!  I've written a published article in the Ohio Journal for Gifted Children, been published on the cover of Where Women Create Business, and have been a guest blogger on the Photography Spark, Senior Style Guide, Iris-Works, and the Confetti Bar.

My business has been built with a strong grassroots marketing focus.  My followers and my clients come exclusively through word of mouth marketing, hashtags, and intentional social media strategy.

By strategically and authentically sharing my voice on social media, employing strong business skills to back my talent, and creating multiple different streams of revenue, I've been able to grow my six-figure company and help support my family with my photography.  I love to help others do the same!

• • { things that make my workshops fabulous } • •


• all workshops are completely online on a password protected website

• courses are broken down into small, easy to understand, parts to ensure maximum success

• all content is taught by a highly trained teacher

• you have the flexibility to fit these courses into your busy life and can learn on your own time {and in your yoga pants}

• my online communities, both for immerse photography and sparkle society, are highly supportive and valuable resources for learning and connecting with other creatives

• lessons are delivered and supported with various teaching materials including, but not limited to, videos, written lessons, examples, live streaming video lessons, workbooks, podcasts, facebook groups and more.  Not all teaching resources are available for each course.

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