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You will find people are more likely to click on your links when you post about them on social media, write a blog post about your experience, or host live videos talking about your experience with my programs!

I’m providing you with some example posts that you may use for social media blasts.  You are encouraged to use these as a starting point, but are STRONGLY encouraged to add your own voice, unique results, and overall personality into your posts!

You will have more success by sharing my FREE content, instead of immediately "selling" them on a workshop.  Let me slowly know, like and trust me... then I'll ask for the sale.  As long as they used your link when they claimed their freebie YOU will get credit for the sale.

Basically, your job is to introduce me to your friends!  I'll do the rest!

To make your posts easier, prettier, and shorter for sharing, you may want to consider using or another similar program.

• • { sample social media posts } • •


  • Want to learn how a little change in your social media strategy can make a big difference in your business?  Check out Sparkle Media, the intensive social media workshop from @Sparkle Society!  I took this workshop {insert time frame} months ago and saw {insert your results} in my business!  {insert your personal link}


  • Are you ready to increase your social media engagement, attract clients who love your photographs AND are willing to pay your prices?!  I encourage you to check out my friend Cyrissa’s social media freebies!  She'll show you how to easily increase your engagement, design a fabulous Instagram bio that attracts your ideal client, and how to save money on Facebook marketing!  It's everything you need to get started!  {insert your personal link}


  • Find your voice & brand yourself, get legal, price your work for profit, learn about the vendors and websites you should use, shine on social media, and build a portfolio that attracts your dream client {while also growing your business AND bringing in sales}!  The Sparkle Start-Up workshop is designed for photographers in their first year of business who need to start {or fix} their company!  Book your seat now!  {insert your personal link}

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• How has the Dear Camera Workshop changed your photography?

• What was one thing you learned about your camera that you didn't even know it could do before the workshop?

• How has using implementing a social media strategy increased your sales?

• How investing in yourself and your business has increased your confidence!


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