periscope for your photography business
Does the thought of using live video for your photography business make you want to throw-up?

Let’s be honest, if you’re like most creatives, getting on live video sounds just as horrible as reading your fifth grade book report in front of the class; sweaty palms, nervous poops, blushing cheeks, and all.  Just a real good time overall.  Right?  Right.  Public speaking is something that very few of us have mastered, and even fewer of us actually enjoy.  But, I promise, if you know some basic strategies and techniques, you can use Periscope (and any live streaming platform, really) like a pro!

Here’s the deal, Periscope was launched in Spring of 2015 and is the fastest growing social media network, to-date! It boasts 15 million users… though less than 10% of them are actively scoping. That means 90% of Periscope users are simply waiting to hear what YOU have to say!

My fellow Togs, those numbers are staggering!!!  Periscope is a great place to network with other creatives and, if you’re brave, even grow yourself your own little audience!  By the end of this post, I’ll make you a believer and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have the confidence to press that broadcast button in the near future!

How will you use Periscope for your photography business?

My friend? How will you not! Periscope is an AMAZING resource for #trepsandtogs (entrepreneurs and photographers) to stand in solidarity! Think of it as a business school, marketing program, and skill development course all-in-one… and all a little bit “underground.”  But what makes this scene even more fabulous?  You can wear your fuzzy socks and PJ pants to class (broadcasters too – 90% of my scopes are done in yoga pants)!

MUCH of the content broadcasted daily on Periscope is something that you would ordinarily pay to receive. The professional development and networking opportunities are endless and incredible!  Through video streaming you’re able to build a rapport with Periscope users from all over. They will truly become your friends as you see them show up to your broadcasts each day.  I have made friends with people that I would have otherwise NEVER met…. all through this social media platform!

Think about your business and your goals.  Do you want to teach and connect with other creatives?  Then you need to start broadcasting.  Like, yesterday.  Want to connect and build relationships with other togs?  Get in the chatrooms to meet new people, then you need to start broadcasting.  Like, yesterday.  Not sure what you have to offer the photography community and unsure of your talents?  Spend some time defining your personal value, then you need to start broadcasting.  Like, yesterday.

Are you noticing a trend here, people?!  You have a valuable gift to share with the world and we want to hear what YOU have to say!!!

If you haven’t started using Periscope for your photography business yet – do not wait a second longer.

You can log in with Twitter right now!  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Set one up, THEN set-up your Periscope account.  I don’t suggest using your phone number to register for your account.  Just trust me on this one!  Now, that you’re Periscope official, use these three tips to ensure you have a successful broadcast!

  1. You need to be timely. Greet your replay viewers first (this will engage folks on the replay AND give your live viewers a little time to show up and get settled).  Whatever you do, DO NOT stare at the screen and say “I’m going to wait for more people to join.”  Not only did you just communicate that your current viewers aren’t significant enough for you to start talking… but you’re wasting their time!  #awkward Start talking and engaging right away!
  2. Be sure to prepare ahead. Write down three main bullet points for the Scope before you start. It’s so easy to get distracted with comments and hearts. This will help you make great use of time and stay on track to deliver the best quality information to your viewers.
  3. Finally, you MUST MUST MUST tell your viewers how they can connect with you OFF Periscope. While the conversion rate for Periscope is very good, you STILL need to give your viewers another way to connect with you easily. Because, let’s face it, people are most comfortable with what they are used to. If it takes being able to reach you via your FB inbox, then be sure they have that information!

periscope for your photography businessLast (but SO IMPORTANT) thing about using Periscope for your photography business…

Authentically build your community. No matter how big (or small) your following, you need to be engaging with your audience. Don’t enter the Periscope room just to be a talking head. People will comment, leave you love with hearts, and ask questions. Be sure to interact with them in an authentic way. This adds tremendous value to the time you take using Periscope for your photography business.

Additionally, when you give from abundance and embrace the spirit of community over competition, your audience truly feels your positive energy. Not every bit of info has to come with a price tag. If you’re willing to give you will add value to your business, be known as a knowledgable resource, and be known as a trusted resource in your field.

That’s it, my sparkly friends!!

Are you ready to take yourself seriously and want more glorious information on how to use live video for your photography business?  I’d love to show you how to use Facebook Live, Periscope, Insta Stories videos, Snapchat and YouTube to grow your audience!  Click here to download my five-step guide to a successful broadcast!  Get ready, I’m gonna teach you to shine online!

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