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Guide To the Perfect Gifts on Your Photographer’s Wishlist!

Guys, I have run into a dilemma and it seems to happen most of the time – I have absolutely no idea what to put on my Photographer’s wishlist! Whenever the topic of Christmas gifts comes up I find myself at a loss for ideas; only wanting a new battery or some amazing Starbucks gift cards for those late nights of editing. {‘Cause please, everyone knows this girl cannot live without coffee.}  So…. I asked the ladies in my Sparkle Society what they wanted – and oh my goodness, did they deliver!

So this year I have decided to write a guide for what your photographer would LOVE to find under the tree or in the stocking.  May I present to you…

Your Photographer’s Wishlist

So here we go!  I asked the photographers the following questions, and this is what they had to say…

What kind of goodies do you hope to find in your stocking this Christmas?

If you are looking for some adorable stocking stuffers to brings a little extra joy to your nerdy photographer here are a couple of totally unnecessary but awesome things.

  • the cutest pencil sharpener you’ve ever seen
  • hair ties (for when the sweat starts falling while trying to finished up a photography session) – my fave shop is ties for teams on etsy!
  • if your photographer specializes in taking pics of kiddos and babies, this is a beyond PERFECT tool for them to have on hand {and perfect for a stocking stuffer}!  Plus, it’s funny!  Click the link, and you’ll see what I mean.
  • to bling up {and add to the obsession of your photographer} any kind of jewelry will totally make their day. If you want some ideas, check out this beauty!

What are some gifts, under $25, that you have on your photographer’s wishlist?

Photographers spend so much time at their desks.  Anything to make their workspace a little more fun, would be so much appreciated!  How about this storage organizer that will make your photographer geek out?!  Is it not perfect?!  Or to spice things up a little bit, look at this adorable post-it dispenser? Practical and cute, right?!

And we all know there are those days and moments when we just need a break. Help your photographer take a quiet moment with some words of encouragement and a fun mug for their favorite coffee or tea!

Some honorable mentions that came up over and over when I asked the sparkle community what was on their photographer’s wishlist: fingerless gloves, Etsy gift cards, or just revert to anything with a camera and some color (FYI – sparkle gets you bonus points)!

If you ever watch a photographer edit they have a million cords everywhere! Here is something to simplify their life and, if you’re a little on the OCD side {like me} you may even want one for yourself!

You, as a photographer, could always use more of…

If Santa was real and could actually read the wishes of a photographers heart here are a couple things a big bow on top would complete:

  • Camera Lenses {better to see you with my dear} – you’ll have to do some snooping to find out what your photographer really has on their wishlist!  But the 50mm 1.4 is popular, as is the 70-200mm 2.8!
  • Memory Cards – word to the wise: find out if your photographer’s camera needs big cards {CF cards} or little cards {SD cards}!
  • External Hard Drives – I like the Lacie 1Tb Rugged storage system.
  • Rechargeable BatteriesEneloop batteries are the industry standard.  Make sure you’ve got a battery charger on hand too!
  • A Light Meter – this comes in especially handy if your photographer shoots film!  Do some snooping to find out what model and features they need!

What camera bag do you have on your photographer’s wishlist?

Every photographer needs a trusty companion in a solid tote for all their gear!  It’s so much heavier than you may realize! My favorite is “House of Flynn” because they’re functional and cute!  But there are lots of great options in lots of different price points!  For a quick cheat sheet, here ya go:

  • Jo totes
  • Tamrac
  • Kelly Moore
  • Think Tank
  • Lowe Pro
  • Peak Design (also good for camera strap)

What are some of your favorite camera straps?!

Let’s be honest: any cute camera strap that your can find on Etsy will bring a splash of color to even the most overcast of days!  But if you want some specific examples, here’s your cheat sheet for the Sparkle Society’s favorite camera straps:

  • Aspen Willow
  • Black Rapid
  • Holdfast
  • Spider Holster
  • Sam & Kate Design

What are some unique items you have on your photographer’s wishlist?

To specialize in baby photographer you have to be quick on your feet and have plenty of tricks up your sleeve – this is a favorite with newborn photographers!

EXTRA HOURS IN THE DAY: now please, we all know this seems impossible. But a quiet massage, with some coffee, and an Etsy gift card combined with a COMPLETELY peaceful house (a.k.a home alone – not the movie y’all this is for you to do work) will do the trick!! Can I get an amen?!

Now, for those who are looking for the ultimate gift, the most unforgettable gift. Take some time to look into giving your photographer workshops that will connect them to a group of experienced photographers they can pull great ideas from. Your photographer can broaden and grow their knowledge of their business and continue to flourish their amazingly talented selves! Below are a couple links to some simple course that will put a smile on your photographers face.

Check out my Black Friday steals and deals!

So that’s what your photographer’s wishlist looks like this year!  Go get shopping and make them happy!

Thank you to the amazing ladies in the Sparkle Society – you gave us so many great ideas for this list! So many in fact I couldn’t quite fit them all into this post, but I appreciate every single one of you!

To the sweet family members who are reading this for some clarity on what to get this crazy, insane, and colorful person in your life.

Real quick:

Know that they are more grateful for you as a pillar of strength in their life that truly accepts them for who they are. And ANYTHING you get them, SERIOUSLY ANYTHING you get them they will LOVE!  If you want more ideas on how to love a photographer, check this out!

I hope this gave some insight and inspired you!

If you enjoyed this blog post and want to join a strong community of online photographers, with the ability to use more resources like this I would love to have you join the Sparkle Society!  Click here and I will even send you a free workshop of your choosing!  I can’t wait to meet you!

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