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Do you have a photography bucket list? As photographers, we spend most of our time documenting the lives of others. We wait, watch, feel, and take-in the experiences, emotions, and goings-on of everyone around us. And then. And then, we realize that we’re missing out on capturing our very own lives. We’re not taking the time necessary to document our legacy. Sparkles, I want to challenge you to drill-down the following photography bucket list and make your own summer story known! Follow my 10 super-fun photography bucket list items and preserve the memories that matter most in your life!


1.) Plan a creative photoshoot that’s just for you!

Don’t just go for a hike with your camera. Make this photography bucket list count. Plan your own shoot with your own expectations. Fuel your creative soul. Flex your creative muscles. Push boundaries. Try a photographic technique or style that you don’t usually do – and have fun with it!


2.) Explore a farmers market or street fair with your camera.

As photographers, we tend to settle into our niches. We become very process oriented {in a still somewhat candid manner} and we miss the day-to-day details. Take your camera to a farmers market or street fair and capture beauty of a different kind. Look at all of the color and texture variation and all of the little details that matter. Study expressions; body language; and every day emotion in an environment that you don’t experience every day.


3.) Frame photos of your family & design a feature wall in your home.

Aren’t we all behind on this? And all the momtographers said, ‘amen!’ You’ve taken the time to capture gorgeous shots of YOUR people {or hired someone to do so}, now show them off, darn it! Carve out a little time for Pinterest and pick the perfect frames or gallery wall in your home. Not only will it ooh-and-ah your houseguests, it will remind you just how blessed you are every time you pass-by.

“I’m currently working on a gallery wall for my home!”  Simpson Photography owner, Elizabeth, told me, “I have all my thrift-store frames spray-painted to match each other!  I’m slowly but surely working on filling them with that matte style of photography I’m obsessed with at the moment!”


4.) Document an entire day with your family.

Think about the unique things you do each day with your family that are ever-so routine. I love to give my son piggy-back rides, but let’s face it…I won’t be able to give that man-child a lift on my back forever. I do, however, want to remember this special bonding activity we share. This is just one example of something I would love to capture. Think about snapping off a few pics while you’re making dinner. Get on the floor and play a game {capture those photos, too!}. Go for a family walk or play with the dog in the back yard. Bring your camera along and preserve those memories, baby! Buy a remote; set-up on a tripod; print the results and have fun! See how simple it is to whittle down your photography bucket list in the comfort of your own home or neighborhood?


bucket list for photographers

5.) Put those sparklers to work!

In the summer, we put a lot of emphasis on photographing fireworks, but simple sparklers are just as beautiful and even more fun! Use my tutorial on taking pro pics of sparklers and practicing light painting. Draw in the sky. Spell your last name. Think outside the box. Be sure to share those photos on your personal and professional page when you’re finished.


6.) Find a reason to have a cake-smash session.

Why should our clients have all the fun?!  Kelly, from Lifetime of Clicks Photography has a great idea!  She says,

“we got our dog a year and half ago and I swore when she turned one I was going to do a Doggy Cake Smash session for her and life just got in the way.  She’s a dog, right!  I want to take her before her birthday and get some pictures of her outside.  Maybe even do an outdoor cake smash for her since she’s a little bigger now!” 

An outside-the-box, unexpected cake smash sesh is definitely one to check-off your photography bucket list.


7.) Attend a family event without your camera {gasp!}

I know this is so hard, but leaving your camera behind {sometimes} is like leaving your phone behind. You have to make time to live life. Take off your photog hat for an evening and ENJOY yourself {like a normal person}. Take your glaring eyeballs off what the event photog is doing and just be you. Be the wife, mom, daughter, sister, or friend your family deserves!


8.) Make an album of your own family photos.

I haven’t made an album for SIX YEARS!! I feel so guilty, but let’s make a pact. This summer, we’re going to cross albums off our photography bucket list! After-all, we promote the importance of prints to our clients – let’s take our own advice and get those albums in order.


9.) Try lay-flat photos.

I know you’ve seen those gorgeous lay-flat pics confettied {yeah, that’s a word} across social media. Why don’t you try creating some of your own? Find objects that represent you personally {& your brand} and then use the result on your own social media accounts. This photography bucket list item is good for your creative soul annnnnd your business checklist.


10.) Take professional photos of your family {or hire someone to do it}.

Business owners are always behind when it comes to their personal projects and needs. Make an effort, this summer, to get some updated professional pics of your family. You can do it via tripod, or go out on a limb and hire your dream ‘tog to take them for you! Don’t wait for XYZ to happen. We aren’t promised tomorrow, my friends, do it now. Cross those professional pics off your photography bucket list and you won’t be sorry.


Have your own ideas?  Post them in the comments and let’s collaborate!  Better yet, have a blog post showing-off your bucket-list idea?  Let me know then use the pink Pin-It button below to share this with your friends! 

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  1. I LOVE all these! At first, I was like…”Ain’t nobody got time for a photography bucket list! I am barely keeping my head above water as it is!” BUT….as I sat and read your blog (in me “free time” 😉 ) I realized most of these won’t take much time and they are super fun! I can’t wait to get started! Thanks again for bringing the funfetti!!

  2. Cyrissa, I love, love, love these ideas! They are simple, fun, and meaningful. Thank you for the push.

  3. Love these ideas and lists ? I’ve been working on getting my family photos organized and scanned for a while. It’s a lot of work, but I’ll be glad I did when it’s all done.

  4. Wonderful post! I am not a pro photographer, but my husband and I both love our cameras. We have started taking what we call ‘series’ photos. He is focusing on crosses and I am focusing on garden details. It gives us a little extra fun on some Sunday afternoons 🙂

  5. Yikes these are super awesome ideas!! Like I’m totally going to start doing some of these!! Have to take time for myself. Such a great reminder.

  6. This is amazing! I don’t know how many times I pick up my camera for sessions, but I don’t seem to pick it up much “just because”. What a great way to really capture my life instead of just my clients lives!

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