Your Photography Business - The Mental Mindset

It’s time, you guys.

It’s time to stop hating on yourselves. It’s time to believe in your photography skills; it’s time to be proud of your work; it’s time to stop under-valuing yourself and charge what your worth; it’s time to be confident in your editing and presentation skills. It’s time to OWN that creative genius that is so completely, uniquely, and beautifully YOU!

If you’re going to make this happen, though, you’re going to have to make a mental tailspin. Are you ready?

I hope so, because I’m ready to get you there.

In order to survive this thing, you have to realize something super important. You are more than just a photographer. You are an artist. You are a storyteller. Most importantly? You, my sweet friend, are an entrepreneur.

Yes, you.

Any entrepreneur will tell you, businesses don’t just happen. They are dreamed upon; they are constructed; they are unique just like you and I; and, they are born. In order for your business to have success, you have to overcome those fatal errors we discussed in Part 1 of this photography business series.

Ready? Let’s talk it out.

  • Overcome Comparison:

    Know your target market very well and design products and services that speak to that market. I know it’s a scary concept – but I promise you can do it! Work every day to deliver unique content that’s perfect for YOUR market and reflects your style. Just because Susie Shootsalot is out shooting destination weddings every weekend doesn’t mean you have to! It doesn’t make you any less of a photographer or professional because you serve different photography clients. Maybe your thing is families – that’s awesome! Do it. Embrace it. Be the best. Be the superstar of family photography! Make. Families. Love. You.

  • Be Original:

    You’ll never develop your own unique photography brand and vision if you’re busy trying to copy everyone else’s. Besides? Your customers are on your calendar because they LOVE YOU. They don’t care what Susie Shootsalot is doing. Chances are? They don’t even know her. Be the best version of yourself – and let that be evident in everything you do.

  • Be Confident:

    I’m serious, you guys! I know that you struggle, but someone who is kinda, sorta, maybe sure about their photography services will never build a successful business. Instead? Be a duck! Hear me out here…


So let’s #glitterdone, Sparkles!  Are you with me!?

Here’s a little life lesson for ya.  And it’s one of my favorites, so you may just want to write it down.  Go ahead.  Get a pen, I’ll wait…

When you see a duck floating across the surface of a glassy pond, he looks perfectly chill, right? It *looks* like the duck is just doing his thing without a care in the world. But, guess what? That duck is paddling his little feet, all crazy, under water  to get where he’s going – and we never ever see that. We just see the calm and collected duck.  The duck has confidence as he swims to land even though he’s paddling his tail-feathers off. You guys, you may feel freaked-out on the inside, but if you be calm, everyone will believe you have it together and soon you WILL KNOW you have it together. Be a duck!!

So, friends, successful businesses are run by someone who is absolutely sure he or she is the best and who is constantly working to improve skills and best practices. And you, my friends, are no different!

Again, you are NOT just a photographer. OWN IT! In the next post, we are going to design a strategy to shine. So, be thinking about what makes your own business unique and valuable because we’re going to put that to work!!


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