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To post a sneak peek… or not to post a sneak peek. Professionals are very vocal and passionate about this topic; and as a social media expert, I want to share where I stand. But first, let me reiterate something. While I am in favor of the sneak peek, please know this is a way, not the way. Before we dig too deep into why you should post a sneak peek for your clients, let’s have some real talk {this is bonus material, so listen close}. Let’s make sure we spell sneak peek the right way, m’kay? P-E-A-K is what’s at the top of a mountain {which, ironically, is where your clients will be when they see a sneak from their session}. Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

Some cons to consider before you post a sneak peek:

You Could Negatively Impact Your Sales {but this has NEVER been an issue for me!}

The decision to spend money is often based on an emotional reaction. Photographers who use the IPS model in their business know that if a client is crying, they’re buying. So, in theory, if you release photos apart from the IPS session, the emotional reaction has already happened and customers will purchase less during their IPS. Therefore, you could potentially drive down sales and revenue.

People could “steal” your art

Some photographers worry about other photographers stealing content. There’s also a growing concern about clients stealing photos and sharing/posting without proper attribution. As long as you are watermarking images, you’re doing your due-diligence!  I use a simple watermark on social media and a super obnoxious one on any online galleries that basically implies, “if you’re seeing this… it’s stolen.”

immerse photography watermark example on sparkle society

There will always be people who steal and do the wrong thing, but plenty more who want to love and help you. If you are overly concerned about the 10% of people who are doing wrong, you’re missing out on the 90% of people who will share the right way and help us grow our businesses. Let’s operate from a place of abundance, not scarcity.

Who Has Control?

Some photographers want to control their images from start to finish. While shows evidence of strong systematic procedures, let’s be honest. There’s a lot more that goes into this business than maintaining control of the process.

Four Reasons You MUST Post Sneak Peeks to Succeed!

You’ll See Long-Term Growth in Your Sales

Let’s revisit the notion: “if they’re crying, they’re buying.” True… but there’s another place that raw emotion will make you money. My goal for social media is to get in front of NEW people who will also book me.  I get my clients super excited to see their sneak peeks by teasing them during the session, with emails afterwards and texts immediately before posting.  I also coach them on how to tag themselves in the photos!  If this is a struggle for you, steal my exact script to get your clients tagging themselves, and start having more success with your very next shoot!

So instead of worrying about making an extra hundo during the IPS session, my clients will have that emotional reaction to their photos via social media. This will result in likes, shares, and ultimately more bookings down the road. BOOM. This will provide more revenue to my business over time than IPS ever will.  Social media is a marathon and you’ve gotta have a long-game mentality!

You’ll Re-Assurance Clients & Have Them Excited to Buy

When you post a sneak peek, you’re reassuring your client that they look good. How many times have you had a client who is worried as all-get-out because she gained weight; had rowdy kids during the session; or, maybe a disinterested husband. Show her one killer photo and she’ll start saving up to buy them all {and will book her IPS appointment if she hasn’t already}. My clients have personally attested to this.

This is Your One and Only Chance to Get Engagement on Your Page

Once they have the photos they’ve purchased, they have no need to engage with your page. They have the photos and can post them on their own page without giving you credit. And, they probably aren’t going to tag you even if you beg {because they forget, don’t care, and may not know how}.  Get the clicks while you can because once your customer has their photos, it’s sayonara sweetheart!

You’ll Provide an Amazing Client Experience that Earns Repeat Clients

When you post a sneak peek, it lets your client know you are working on their session. It keeps you at the forefront of their mind so they can get excited about the outcome of your session and focus on saving for that IPS. This is a simple way to take care of your clients and boost your social engagement at the same time.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. -Steve Jobs

should you post sneak peeks for your photo business
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Sneak peeks are part of a smart business strategy.

Social media sneak peeks help us grow and get in front of new people. There are three ways we grow our business: word of mouth marketing, our website content and social media. Sneak peeks are an amazing way to increase your presence! I’ve grown a six-figure company with social media marketing!  I have NEVER had an SEO strategy or blog for my company, Immerse Photography {you’re reading this blog, so obviously, things are different here at Sparkle Society ?}!  Yet, I was able to sell-out 24 sessions in 8 minutes… and that was immediately after raising my prices {my family & senior clients spend, on average, $1200 with me}.

True freaking story.

If you’re doing due-diligence with social media, it will be evident in your revenue! If you aren’t regularly engaging by posting sneak peeks, you’re dramatically decreasing the chances of growing your following.  While that immediate gratification of having a super high sale may feel good now…. delayed gratification, in the form of more clients and a more sustainable income, is so much sweeter!  I promise!

What are Best Practices with Sneak Peeks?

  • Post a sneak peek on Facebook.

    This is typically moms, grandmas, and adults in their 20s and 30s. Post something this demographic would relate to.

  • Post a sneak peek to Instagram.

    This is where the moody/artsy crowd lives. Post a sneak with a more artistic flare here. If your client isn’t on Insta, post a photo you like.

  • Have a Fabulous Client?  Give a little more.

    If you have a client who is super enthusiastic – liking, sharing, tagging and getting mondo traffic – give them another sneak peek. As long as they are playing, keep dealing out the cards.

  • Watermark your photos.

    Immerse Photography Dance Photography Watermark
    Normally, I make my watermark about twice as large. But when you have an amazing client who is tagging and giving you credit, you can get away with a smaller mark.

    I know this detracts from the artistic value of your photos but this is how you build brand recognition. We aren’t here to make an artistic statement, we’re here to increase revenue.  You’re running a business, remember?

  • Have your clients tag themselves.

    This will get your photos in front of more people because it plays with the Facebook algorithm!  Not sure how to get your clients to tag themselves?  It’s tricky, for sure.  Steal my exact script and I’ll show you how I get 90% of my clients to tag themselves!

PRO TIP:  While I want you to post social media sneak peeks, do. not. blog. until your client has paid for photos from their session. This goes back to the “if they’re crying they’re buying” mentality.  If they have all of their photos…. well…. that’s self-sabotage.  So just don’t.

Is Posting Sneak Peeks the Right Move for You?

You need to make the best choice for your business. This is a long-term strategy {remember, we’re in a marathon, not a sprint}. If your business is in a growing phase, posting sneak peeks can be your game-changer. It is the way.

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