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Real talk, Sparkles… when was the last time you updated your professional headshots? I see you out there on Facebook; on Instagram; and even on Twitter with your well-groomed, perfectly-posed, senior portrait-esque shots. However, my loves, have you considered how valuable this type of pic is {or isn’t} to your clients and prospects? You have two or three different fancy portraits, but are they telling your story? Connecting with clients? Making you money?

Didn’t know your professional headshots could do all those things? Allow me to enlighten you, Sparkle. They can. They. so. can.

Professional Headshots = Your Online Resume

These pics are the world’s first impression of you, before they know anything else about you. If your pic is a turn-off {read: heavy on the cheese-wiz; outdated; not genuine or relatable; or flat-out doesn’t look like 2o17 you} you aren’t going to be doing the Cupid Shuffle with your ideal client any time soon. Can you hear me now, sweet Sparkle? So, let’s chat about how we can make your headshots work for you and carry soooo much more value than something that looks like a senior pic or corporate obligation.

Let Professional Headshots Work for You

Let’s remember, your own professional headshots aren’t a senior portrait session. Let me say that again…

Your professional headshots are NOT a senior portrait or glamor session!!!!

Professional headshots aren’t as much about beauty, perfection and perfect posing as they are about who you are and what you do. If you’re taking time and money to invest in a professional headshots session, make sure these pics reflect WHO you are and let them work for you.  Because you are smart little Sparkles, you will be using these pics all across social media to not only show the world WHO you are but also to tell YOUR story. Let them show your brand, your wonder and your awesomeness!

To pull this all off,  you’ll need to plan ahead. Know why you need your professional headshots, and how you’re going to use them. Then, from there, build a strategy for success during your session!  One of my little sneaky tricks is to start a running note in my phone of all the silly/random/important photos I need!  That way, when photoshoot day arrives, I know exactly where to focus my attention.

I’ve got some Street Cred, You Know!  LOL!

Hear me out. Before we get into this, I must assure you that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve flown all over the country doing branding sessions for Lululemon, social media experts, luxury real estate agents, business coaches, yoga studios, podcasters, and fitness professionals. I’ve even written course material on this topic for a CreativeLive class {you’ll find it in the bonus section}. In other words, it’s worth your time to pay attention here and implement these strategies into your own business because I practice what I preach and have worked with some big names. Now, let’s #glitterdone.

professional headshots sparkle societyPhotos I always get:

1. What do your clients want and need (personality-wise)?

Your clients don’t just need someone who knows how to work her big-girl camera. They need you emotionally. Photo sessions are nerve-wracking for all but a select few. Clients want to know that you are the real deal and someone who will take care of them; tell them how to pose; what to do; tell them what to wear and make them laugh.

They want to know that you have the whole process covered and that investing in portraits with you will be an enjoyable experience and good use of time. So, instead of a glamour shot… make sure YOUR professional headshot sesh includes smiling, laughing, relatable, shots that can be used in a variety of publications, applications, and across social media. Many different sizes and formats will be required. Get. them. all.

2. Lifestyle photos!

Remember our {know, like, trust} mantra from the last post? Your clients will also learn to know, like, and trust you based on how you come across in your own pics. {pssst. if you don’t think clients stalk your business pages and ask all their friends about you before calling to schedule – we gotta talk.} Your clients want to see you behind the scenes. They want to know what you do during the day. What is the story of your brand?

Take some pics of you, with your beloved coffee; your camera; your laptop. Show pics of your editing room or office. Take some lay-flats with your planner and pretty paperclips strewn about your workspace. Take pics working in the park; at the coffee shop; or looking at back of your camera in awe of that last shot. This is NOT about perfection. Your clients don’t care how amazing your hair, teeth, or posing skills are. They care out how you will make them feel and if they know, like, and trust you {or not}.

3. Camera, computer, phone – REPEAT!

Bring as many outfits of your can and take as many images as you can! I dropped some hints on this in #2, above, but make sure you get pics of you in several different outfits {as many as you can} using your camera; your computer; and your phone. You’re going to use ALL these things to connect to your clients on a regular basis.

These are the perfect photos to beef up your social media grid… and will save you from a selfie when you’re not exactly feeling camera-ready!  LOL!  Let them see you do all these things in different outfits and scenarios. Your clients might think you’re a magician that edits away blemishes and firms up flab, but at the end of the day…. you’re a person. Your client needs to big-warm-fuzzy-heart you, for you, not your mad skillz.

4. Graphics for Your Social Media Grid and Blog!

I can’t even tell you how important it is to have an arsenal of pics on-the-ready for your social accounts and blog {actually, I can}. But for real, the pics you have available to post on social media will either make you, or break you. Give the absolute best version of your bad-self away via social media and your blog/website. Let your clients see you working, living, working, making silly faces, and showing your true colors through creatively captioned pics.

This awesome promo video, from my client Jill Boudreau, is a great example of how your photos can be used “in action!”  This video was shared on her Instagram account and was a fabulous way to get the attention of new clients!  Check it out!

5. Horizontal photos for the Win!

This is probably the BEST tip I can give you! We don’t live in a straight up and down world, folks… in fact, if you’re online, your world is actually MUCH more horizontal than you realize.   Don’t believe me?  Look at your blog, Facebook account and website {just for starters}!  Your blog headers?  Horizontal.  The timeline on your Facebook page and group?  Horizontal.  Your website sliders and banners?  Horizontal?  Noticing a trend here, sweet sparkle?!  In fact,  I would suggest that:

90% of your professional headshots should be horizontal!

I know it feels crazy, but I’ve done this a time or two and know what works!  You will use these horizontal professional headshots in social posts, on your website, in your blog, and for situations where you add text overlays. These pics fall outside the traditional vertical portrait *shudder at the thought* but are so so so much more useful than traditional portrait sessions! You’re not only setting yourself up with a fab updated pic, you’re filling your toolkit with amazingly accurate representations of YOU… that you can whip out for use at a moment’s notice.

Doing a shoot of your own and ready for more business advice!?  Oh, I’ve got you, boo!  Join the free Sparkle Society community and I’ll send you my FREE start-up guide that will tell you everything you need to know to start {or fix} your business!  Grab your free download now and I’ll see you in class!

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