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Dear Sparkles, have you attempted a model call and only got crickets in return? You aren’t alone! Sooooo many creatives want to take the lay-down-and-wait {or die} approach. Unfortunately, creating art is not the same as being a CEO. If you expect to have a profitable model call, you have to bust out of the artist mentality and OWN IT. Be the CEO. You can make all of this work for you, it’s fully possible to have a profitable model call, but you have to take charge. Be strong, my creative Sparkles. I know it sounds scary because you have to come out of your bubbles, but I promise you can do it!


1.  How bad do I want this?

Are you willing to fight for a profitable model call? Willing to post consistently? Are you willing to do live video!? Are you willing to get up in the faces of your followers and those who have yet to follow? It’s not going to get done with one mousey post, Sparkles. You’re going to have to show that you want this. Be determined, persistent and unafraid! You will need a game-plan for posts; recruiting; incentives; and follow-ups. You can’t just GIVE AWAY your business, either. Heck to the no. Not on Mama Sparkle’s watch. Incentivize your models to participate, but this ain’t no giveaway. Make it clear that your work, your time, and your talent are VALUABLE. You have to take your craft seriously if you expect others to do so in return.

2.  Know your numbers to have a profitable model call!

On average, it takes seven touch-points for someone to consider working with you. For reals. That’s on one social post. That’s not one shared pic or one live video. It may be dozens by the time you’re said and done! You have to keep on it and develop content that will encourage others to know, like, and trust you! If you expect to have a profitable model call, you have to examine your numbers and insights to gauge your following and response. You must woo, swoon, and build relationships. You havvvvve to. All relationships take work, and that includes everything from your mama to your mentors and your models! Hustle, my friends. H-U-S-T-L-E.

3.  Be creative and be noisy…. even if you’re an introvert!

When you are promoting that launch and those bookings, get all up in the face of social media and inboxes. Use live video {I promise, you can do it}. Work your email list. Post repeatedly. Ask for clicks, likes, and shares. Send reminders {usually more than one}. Provide some bonus content. And then, be silent. Seriously. There’s a time and place to launch and create social blasts. Choose those times with much consideration and plan them to maximize effectiveness. You’re much more likely to have a profitable model call when people recognize you, because they’ve been exposed to your pretty face {and voice and videos} time and time again.

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  1. Being Noisy- that’s he hardest one for me!! I get discouraged if I hear crickets at first when really I need to let that light the fire to keep going!!

  2. I want it so BAD!! 😉 Love all these great ideas. Thanks for the boost.

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