repurpose live video

Did you know you can repurpose live video?

But *why* would you repurpose live video? I’m so glad you asked, my friend.  You already know that live video is a game changer for your business. You can increase sales, strengthen your brand over all and extend your reach 30-50%! I have some fabulous {and maybe a little sneaky} ways that you can repurpose live video to make it the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s stop considering live video as something that only as effective as the number of viewers that hop on during the live segment. That’s right. I want to show you how to extend the life of your live videos so they work for you!

Let’s repurpose live video the right way

1. Use in client experience…

• When you send your client an email about what to wear, link to a live video that you did on your FB newsfeed! Hint: create a canned email with a quick paragraph introducing the video, and then link to it! So, you can save yourself time by preparing for this very common question up front – workflow management, baby!!

If you really want to take it to the next level, consider using a studio management program, like Iris-Works, to manage your client emails!  Link that same live video in your email nurture series and you’ll have to do ZERO extra work to create a better client experience!

• You may also choose to send a preview of your products {hello, Facebook live showing off your snazzy albums} with your pricing guide prior to IPS sessions. This way your client has a nice idea of what’s available going in – use it as a teaser to get them excited about their very own products. Don’t forget to show them the difference between your professionally printed canvas and something from an online cheapo printer. Once your client knows what to expect, you’ll have less convincing to do to close the sale.

• After the delivery of products, send decor tutorials to let your clients know you’re still with them even after the session has ended. Show your clients how to create a gallery wall; how to decorate a staircase with photos; how to use small prints on walls, etc. Show them how to use wall art…. the possibilities are endless!

2. Create blog content…

• I can talk about what I do all day long, but when it comes to sitting down and writing it out…? No thank you. I can simply forward videos to my ghostwriter, and she extracts blog content from those videos to make a compelling and share-worthy post. Repurpose live videos to save yourself time in this way – you’re welcome.

And, while we’re on the topic of blog creation.  Don’t think for a moment that you shouldn’t be re-purposing, resharing and recycling your blog content too!  My genius friend Stacie, from Colorvale, has great tips about how to re-use your blog content for maximum visibility!  And, if you’re at a total loss for how to promote your blog post, Melyssa Griffin has a great guide that walks you through the 17 things you must do before publishing your blog!  Super educational!

3. Backlinks & cross promotion…

• You can use your videos to create backlinks and cross-promote! You can go back to your Facebook post with the live video and link to your blog post {even weeks later}! You can also tease it on Instagram {do an Instagram live of Instastory to direct traffic}. Also, partner with people in complimentary industries to cross promote together.

Use cross-promotion to your benefit to improve reach and engagement as well as the longevity of your live video. This is an amazing way to use live video and gain blog traffic as well. Sneaky trick?  You can also hit the edit button {upper right hand corner of your screen} modify your video to target those who will most likely be interested in your message to get your face in front of more people.


edit your facebook live videos


Bonus?  You can also edit your thumbnail on the same screen if the screenshot Facebook chooses happens to be especially tragic.  Mine is always embarrassing.  Swap that baby out!

In true teacher fashion, I’m actually going to cross-promote right now and practice what I preach!  You ready?!  I know some of you learn best when you read…. but others of you are like me and like to watch or listen to someone explain it!  Lucky for you, I just did a Facebook Live broadcast breaking down this entire concept WAY more!  So if you wanna listen or watch while you edit, knock yourself out!

Watch the Facebook Live lesson and learn more about re-purposing your live videos!

4. Ad content…

• Why not use the ad manager to turn your live video into a sponsored post in the newsfeed?! When your audience can see you talking and read your body language you will up the know, like and trust factor. Not sure how to do that? I have a Facebook ads mini workshop that shows you the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to turn a FB live into an ad that works for you and connects your community.  I don’t share this training often and try to reserve it for ladies who have done my workshops…. but since you’ve read this far, you’re going to get a little bonus.  Shhhh…. you can use code “SNEAKY20” at check-out to save 20% on the Easy Facebook Ads workshop!

Be creative! Think outside the box like the CEO/entrepreneur you are! There’s no right way to do this, but know you know some of what’s possible. Repurpose live video to make your business work for you!

Quick tips for Repurposing your Facebook Live videos:

• Not sure how you share your video URL? Right click on the video’s timestamp, then click “copy link address” – it’s so easy!  Or, hover over your video, right click in the middle of the screen, and choose “show video URL.”


share your facebook live link


• If you plan to do a video and embed it later, don’t forget to maintain the right orientation. Turn your phone horizontally before you hit the start button. If not, you’re going to get those unsightly black bars on each side of your video. Let’s keep it pretty, k?

Live Video can, and should be, a major part of your overall business strategy!  Have a great idea, tell me about it in the comments below, then use those hot pink buttons to share the love on social media!  When we work together, we ALL win!

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    1. A great friend of mine does my ghostwriting! For a low-cost option, you can see if there’s anyone in your friend circle who is good at writing and would be able to help. But, if you truly want a great ghostwriting experience, I suggest hiring a professional who has SEO knowledge and is an experienced writer! This way they can take the full weight off your shoulders!

    2. Hi Janna! I’m the ghostwriter behind Sparkle Society. I’d love to learn more about your brand and chat with you about ghostwriting. I can answer any questions you have. Hope you found this post helpful. 🙂

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