Slow Photography Season

The slow photography season will be upon us {again} soon!

Hello, Sparkles! Are you doing everything you should be doing to prepare for the slow photography season? You know the one I’m talking about…it’s coming. Right now we’re headed into fall. And, for most of us, that’s a super busy season filled with gorgeous colors; endless skies; and seemingly endless golden light. We’re about to be rolling in the sessions; rolling in the editing and {ahem} rolling in the dough!

Sadly, we forget.

Sometimes in the middle of all the leaves, sunflowers, crisp fall air and Pumpkin Spice Lattes – we forget. The slow photography season is coming. We forget that winter, white death, the frigid cold, and absence of everything pumpkin (that makes me bitter, I’m not gonna lie) is upon us. The biggest problem with winter is lack of opportunity and bookings. Lack of bookings equals lack of income, plain and simple. Lack of income can drag down our business real quick.

“Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan” -Napoleon Hill

Let’s not let the slow photography season be a drag.

My friends, I have three super helpful tips to get you through the slow photography season LIKE A BOSS. Are you ready to see them? Let’s do this.

1. Set Aside Income

I know saving isn’t as fun as spending, but it’s part of being a responsible business owner and planning ahead for slower times. The slow photography season doesn’t slow down all of your expenses. You will likely still have rent and utility to pay; subscription and marketing costs; and equipment to purchase and other improvements necessary with running a business. I recommend putting aside 10% of profit from each one of your sessions. You can put the set-aside in a savings account to get you through the slow months when minimal new income is coming in. Be sure to evaluate your family’s needs and do what makes sense for you!

2. Set Aside Photos

In addition to setting aside income, set-aside photos. Take two photos from each session and drop them into a special online folder (you can even export them directly from Lightroom if you want!). Throughout the slow photography season, drip these pics across social media. Since you won’t have much new content, you can PLAN AHEAD by reserving these photos to keep current clients interested; entice prospects; and more or less entertain folks while you’re in a lull. The last thing you want to do is disappear from social media all winter and have to re-introduce yourself once active booking starts again.

3. Diversify Income

I know photography is your thing, but because you’re a photographer… you are equipped with an imagination. Use that imagination to brainstorm other revenue streams that make sense in the winter months. I’m a former-teacher with a masters degree in art education. So, with that, teaching photo classes all winter long is my thing! It was a natural addition to my business and something that helps sustain my family’s income through the slow photography season. Could you do 15-minute headshot swaps? How about photographing the inventory and interior of local boutiques? You could possibly add stock photography to your service line-up if that’s your thing. There are many opportunities to diversify your business during the slow photography season, you just have to brainstorm and use your imagination.

Feel better about the slow photography season now?

These are all simple things that we can start implementing in just a few minutes. Therefore, the slow photography season doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. I hope these tips give you confidence and get you well on your way to planning ahead for this year. In fact, what are we waiting for, friends? Let’s get started right now!

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  1. I am going to try to set aside photos! I am so bad about running out of content but I love this and how you used. WINTER IS COMING!!! HAHA Great advice for photographers or anyone needing a reminder to plan ahead. I am so guilty on not planning ahead.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I save 20-30% from each income for income tax and winter! What I don’t use through the winter either stays in the emergency fund or gets plugged back into my business. Whether that be a new lens, education, or gadgets I’ve had my eyes on! ?

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