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This week, we’re taking a look at why you must be using Snapchat for your photography business!  Last week I gave you the low-down on Pinterest {even though I’ve totally been a hater in the past} and I even dabbled in some casual blog/SEO talk! I also promised you beautiful sparkles some info on Snapchat.
Go ahead and roll those eyes at me…again. Yeah, yeah, I used to be a Snapchat hater, too.  In fact, I got an account when it first came out, used it for a few days… then deleted it from my phone and didn’t open it again for two years.  True story.

Don’t judge…people change, what can I say? Never say never.  I hope you’re singing that Beiber song right now, I totally am.

Now I know you probably think that Pinterest makes more sense for your business than Snapchat does.  But, using Snapchat for your photography business can REALLY be a game changer!

Slow your roll my sparkle, it ain’t just for high schoolers anymore. And, if you give me just a few short minutes of your time, I will have you snapping like your 17 year old neighbor and growing your biz like a pro!

Why exactly should you use Snapchat for your photography business?!?!

Snapchat… oh how Millennials love Snapchat!

You might be “old” like me. You might think this whole Snap thing is ridiculous. I get it, even though I now think it is totally fun. But if you are marketing to millennials, this is where it’s at. Millennials love Snapchat and will listen to you if you’re on Snapchat.

Sidenote...if you shoot Senior sessions, I want you to stop right now and get a Snapchat account. High schoolers are Snapchat obsessed. If you are snapping, they will be drooling over your awesomeness and you’ll regularly be in front of their pretty little eyes. And that means they will think of you when their friends ask, which means they will send their friends your way, which means you get more business, which means Snapchat is worth some of your time and you definitely need to be using Snapchat for your photography business!  I mean it. I want you and Snapchat to become friends. You two need to come to some kind of mutual agreement that you will forever be in one another’s lives. I’m serious. Go do that. I’ll wait.


Snapchat allows you to grow with your audience.

immerse photography on snapchat
connect with me on snapchat! screenshot this snap code and use it to find me in your app!

Okay, let’s get back to why you need to get your booty on the Snapchat train, even if seniors aren’t your thing. Guess what’s going to happen to those seniors in a couple of years? They are going to be getting married. Hey there wedding photographers, wouldn’t it be nice to have built a relationship with those newly engaged couples? Yeah, it would be. After they get married, you know what’s going to happen? Those couples are going to have babies. Well, newborn photogs, want to get some new clients? Mmmmhmmm. Those babies grow up and people want family shots. Guess who they are going to come to? That super cool photographer friend they have been following on Snapchat for years. Start now people. Grow with your ideal clients.


Need more convincing that this isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in life?


Here’s how you can use Snapchat for your photography business:


Show a behind the scenes look of your photography business!

I just wrapped up my wedding shooting season, so I’m working on processing and prints. Friday’s are when my admin assistant and I go through all of that. So guess what I am doing throughout the day, every Friday? I’m snapping. I will snap my sparklesistant {yes, that’s her official title} opening up a print, and get her genuine reaction. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll put some music on and flip through a client’s book as a little teaser.  As we work, we’ll show snaps of prints and books all day long. This gets clients super excited about what’s coming their way.

Effortlessly connect with your younger audience!

When I’ve got senior prints done, I’ll snap a couple of them and do a quick snap video letting seniors know their prints are ready. I kid you not, I will get those kids in here to pick up their prints faster than a woman can put on yoga pants and throw her hair up in a bun after work.

Snapchat is the language of millennials. You best be learning that language friends!  Here’s a little inspiration to get you started!

Snapchat for your photography business…. it matters.

People, if I can do this, you can totally do this. I am a self proclaimed change hater {just ask my hubby, I never like new things…. like ever}. I was never an early adopter of anything. I loathe having a gagillion social media platforms to keep up with. But, I like growing my biz AND I like helping you be more successful in yours. So, I’ve left my haterade at the door and have learned {and am determined to teach you} the fine art of using Snapchat for your photography business!

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I know that you might be saying that you are too old for Snapchat. I get that, if we’re being real, I’m too old for Snapchat. But you can totally find an authentic way to use this platform for your business. Give clients, and potential clients, a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes. Hand out a few quick tips through your snaps each day. You don’t have to go filter crazy or document every minute of your life. Find something that makes sense for you and don’t stress. You can do this. I believe in you, you beautiful, sparkly unicorn!


Using Snapchat still got you like wha?!?!?

If you’re still scratching your head and are like, “what in the world is Snapchat?,” I’m here for you. I told you last week about my Social Spark course, and if you’re wanting to truly learn how to use Snapchat for your photography business, this is the workshop for you! This course walks you beautiful, sparkly beginners through how to use Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, Pinterest and Snapchat to grow your business. Annnnnd…. the snapchat section is pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie!

How do you know it’s right for you?  Well, this course is designed for those still finding their social media feet. It will help you increase your social media engagement and rock the social media game so you can bring in more clients.  If you’re already rocking it on all social media fronts, you probably don’t need it.  But, if you’re not using social media with a strategy or aren’t quite sure how to leverage Snapchat, Pinterest, and live streaming video – I think you’ll like it!

This course is going to help you rock social media in a way that won’t consume your life, but will build your business. What are you waiting for?!  This can be the year you start engaging with your present and future clients using social media in an intentional and super fun way!  Let me start you off on the right foot by sending you a free social media mini-series and then we can talk about the Social Spark in a little bit!  Sound like a plan?!  Awesome!  Grab your FREE workshop and let’s do this!


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  1. Love this girl!

    Question – being a birth/newborn photographer, what are your thoughts on using IG stories instead of snapchat? I already have a large following on Insta. Thanks for your thoughts <3

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