Creating consistent social media branding is crucial to developing a strong social media strategy. While that might sound like a tricky thing to do, I promise my little sparkle, it isn’t as hard as you think!  Let me break it down for you in 5 simple steps.

But first…

What is Social Media Branding and Why Does It Matter?

There is no greater compliment than when someone notices a piece of my work, or an image of mine before seeing the watermark or reading my name! Do you know why? Social media branding makes you recognizable, and having your work recognized is a great compliment… can I get an amen?


Social media branding is basically creating a cohesive aesthetic to our social media platforms.


You know exactly what I’m talking about.  As you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, you’re inundated with posts, articles, and videos.  Yet, every once in awhile, you stumble upon a photo or post from one of your favorite accounts.  You may not see their name, but you see their aesthetic.  And it makes an impression on your mind – right?  Well, we want to do the same thing for our photography businesses, right?!

Today, social media is noisier than ever. There are millions of Instagram accounts and thousands of photographers on Facebook.   And, the scary part?  They’re all vying for the same clients you’re hoping to book for your photography business. Which is why you need to stand out {instead of adding to the noise}. Not to mention, you want to regularly build your know-like-trust factor among potential clients… and social media branding is what’s going to do all those things for ya’!

So… now that you’re totally convinced, you need consistent social media branding across all your platforms… here’s how to do it!


5 Tips to Make Sure Your Social Media Accounts have Consistent Social Media Branding


Use Your Brand Colors

Whether it’s in your images, your text or your logo, you’ve got to pick 3-5 colors that will dominate your social media platforms. When you think Cyrissa, you probably think hot pink and sparkles… am I right? That’s an intentional strategy I’ve used for years. I want my Instagram, Facebook and Website to all scream the same thing… Cyrissa… and hot pink and glitter help do that for me. It’s totally become my trademark color and ties together my brand!

Consistently staying inside your color wheelhouse is going to bring consistency to your social media branding in a big way!  Right now, before you read on – I want you to pull up your own Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds.  Do you see your own brand colors ALL OVER THE PLACE???  Or is it a hodge-podge of different colors?  You want your accounts to feel like a magazine, so if that’s not happening – you’ve got your first course of action: be more consistent with your colors!

You want your social media to look & feel like a magazine!


Create Artwork with Similar Fonts

I get it…. fonts are fun.  Fonts are eye-candy.  Pretty fonts just make the world a better place…. but NOT if it confuses your social media branding!  This goes right along with using the same colors across your social media platforms. Choose 2-3 fonts or font families that you love and stick with them. Don’t get all crazy up in here every time you discover a new font. Eventually, people will begin to associate those fonts with you and sticking to just a few will tie those texted images together in a way that drips with your personality.


Be consistent with the layout and format of your images.

Photographers… how are you going to visually display images on your Instagram feed?  You can use the traditional squares, vertical images, horizontal images or a little bit of everything.  But be aware of how all of those different shapes display in your newsfeed.  When someone visits your account for the first time, your nine most recent photos are going to be displayed… so they had better look awesome together!  Choose a layout you like and stick with it. If you go with a combination of rectangle and square, build a consistent pattern.

I’ve, personally, been really working hard on my own Instagram account to be sure that my images are consistent.  If you scroll back to see what my account looked like a year ago, the newsfeed was fun…. but not consistent.  Go ahead and scroll – it’s kinda comical!  But now, after putting in the thought and time to define my brand, you can look at my recent photos and see a social media brand!  Can you see it?!

Ok, moving on…

Another big debate: are you watermarking your images?   If that’s your jam {and I totally think it should be}, watermark all of them in the same place. I’ve seen some photographers adding banners along the sides or bottom of their images, which feature their business name or website – this is another great interpretation of the traditional watermark.  It doesn’t exactly matter what you choose – as long as you choose what best represents you and your style, then stick with it friend!

Use Layflats Wisely

If you are going to use layflats {aka: those adorable deskies we all crush on in our Instagram newsfeeds} make sure they are yours {or you’ve purchased them}, they fit your colors, and they use some of the same elements with each set. I like to take an hour about once a month to shoot some I can use for the month. I keep my colors consistent, use similar pieces each time I shoot, and then use the same fonts when I post. If you use layflats, be sure to use them consistently between other images. Don’t post 4 in a row, then nada for three weeks. Spread them out evenly across your posts, no more than a few times per week.

A really fun way that I’ve decided to integrate layflats into my social media branding is by grabbing myself a subscription to a “Confetti of the Month Club!”  Yes…. you heard that right.  There really is such a glorious thing as a confetti delivery!  My friend, Jessica, from the Confetti bar not only makes custom confetti {yes – you can have her turn your logo or business name into confetti}, but she sends out boxes of confetti joy each and every month!  In fact, all the images that you’re seeing in this post are featuring some of this month’s delivery!


Want your own Confetti of the Month subscription or custom Confetti for your client goodie bags?!  Head on over to the Confetti Bar to get hooked up!
Plus, you can save 15% off any custom confetti order with coupon code “ilovesparkle”!



Stay Consistent With Your Language

Don’t try to sound like everyone else. You have a unique way of talking, and that should come across in everything you post. I like sparkles, unicorns and calling everyone my friend. That’s me online, and that’s me in real life. So, when I write something for social media, I use the same kind of language.  Write out a few words that are your go-to words and use them consistently in your social media posts. Don’t worry about adjusting your language to a certain group… just be you. Write your posts using language that allows your sparkly uniqueness to shine through!


Building consistent social media branding is truly going to set you apart in today’s noisy online market.

Your branding should always authentically represent you, so intentionally think through your colors, fonts, and language… and choose what you love.  Don’t try to be something you’re not.  Let your voice shine through, hustle with heart, and your clients will find you – I promise!  Your personality and brand aesthetic will bring in the people who love you and what you have to offer. It will also turn some people off… which is totally okay, because the people you turn off aren’t your people!

So, have no fear sparkles, build a consistent brand that represents you and get your shine on all over those social media platforms!

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  1. Love these ideas! Getting consistent with my colors/fonts and trying lay flats will be first on my to do list. White board, camera and confetti! Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Ooooo…. I can’t wait to try new flatlays. If I won the box, I would up my flatlay game for my Instagram, Facebook and Etsy photos. Just getting ramped up for a new collection I’ve been working on since before Christmas!!

  3. I’m drooling over these for sure. Gah. I’ve gone all over the place with my colors. Navy and teal with some coral and while I like them… I’m not sure I LOVE them when in comparison to my image feel and style. I’ve backed off of incorporating them into my posts a lot because I can’t commit and want to be decided and really get my head into my branding. I might have to use these to help inspire me! Hahah I have a foam core sitting here waiting for me to make up my mind sooooo maayyyybe some confetti will inspire me to get these done!
    AND! My use excitement for personal confetti: Product delivery: ❤oh my goodness – with- brand colors, logo, and ones that say “thank you” ❤❤

  4. Love the idea of using confetti! ✨ I always feel like there is too much blank space in my layflats or product highlights and don’t know how to fill it. Can’t wait to use it in my swag bags for my seniors!! And maybe for extra fluff in my packaging??

  5. I LOVE your branding style Cyrissa and I always know when you post before I look at who posted it. I strive for that in my own insta posts. You’re so sweet and inspiring. That confetti bar sounds. AMAZING. I can’t wait to go poke around on their site and see what would fit best for my branding!!

  6. I never thought about using layflats for photography. Kinda like a duh moment for me. I’m a mom tog and I embrace that. I’d love to somehow incorporate that into my layflats. Maybe dirt and Tonka trucks? Lol Sparkles and glitter are my daughter for sure, but my style is more blue/green/purple. I need to use them on my Instagram for sure, I never know what to post on Instagram.

  7. I definitely need to be more consistent in font usage!! Like you, fonts & colors distract me! I guess I need to hone in on what color I need to really pinpoint for my brand!!! I have some layflat ideas already, I just haven’t put them into motion! I never thought of just using foam board (I don’t really have anywhere at home to do these, so the foam board would be perfect to have on hand!)

    I may have to go right now to put something together! Just for fun…and see how it works out! & find my perfect font! I have tons in my arsenal….too many! But I, for convenience reasons, use WordSwag more buuuuut my curvy fonts speak to my soul much more!!

  8. That confetti is so pretty! 🙂 I would use it for the background of quotes. I’ve started posting more of those kinds of things and would like to continue with it but have a more light and fun background. Think this confetti would be just perfect. 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh! My mind is on overload with all kinds of ideas! I’m thinking of an indoor studio sessions with senior reps! They would be in branded tshirts and use the confetti as a prop! And when you send the tshirts to yout rrps before the shoot, send them in a bag/box of the confetti! Then you could use the same confetti in a layflat image that also had a polaroid from the shoot as a way to market the shoot!

  10. Confetti Layflats!! Sounds like so much fun and the possibilities of creativity are endless! And all the leftover confetti goes in the goodie bags for the clients.. perfect!

  11. I’m planning on adding confetti in the senior’s school colors to their grad announcement order. I can’t wait!!!

  12. One of my 2017 goals is to practice lay flats! I love how they can be the perfect “filler” when you don’t have a recent photo shoot to share, AND how much I can use them for my blog posts to create consistent imagery! Biggest area to improve: SPACING/the layout. Confetti would work perfectly to help fill white space!

  13. I love lay flat photos! Almost every single one of my Instagram posts is a lay flat @pinkbowstwinkletoes ? I’m actually posting a photo in an hour or so about confetti. I didn’t have any confetti for my photo, so I used felt pom poms instead! ?

  14. Eek! I love the idea of using confetti in layflats! I create stationery, so I would pair the confetti with photos of my bridal shower invitations and graduation announcements! Plus, I think the confetti would be perfect to send along with the stationery to my clients!

  15. Oh my goodness my head is spinning! When I first started out I had colors that I used for branding but since I have rebranded myself as a documentary photographer I haven’t! I NEED to get on top of this! I LOVE the idea of layflats and I would love to use them for when I post quotes so they all look more uniform and of course I would use them in other ways too! Thank you for all this wonderful info and for just being your sweet sparkly self! I have a lot of thinking to do!

  16. I hate to sound unoriginal, but I am definitely going to use confetti in my layflats and in gift bags for clients. I have already been on The Confetti Bar’s website and am already thinking of what I want my custom confetti to look like. I am hooked! I found 2 that I can’t live without. (I am also going to be thinking of other ways to use confetti. I am a slower processor and sometimes the brilliant ideas take me a little longer.)

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