You’ve heard that you need to create a social media content calendar, but you might be all, “social media content calendar wha?!?!?!”. Well friend, I’m here to get you started with your social media content calendar with a few tips that will have you cranking out content with a little less stress.


How many times have you sat in front of a blank computer screen, or with your phone in your hand, completely scratching your head about what to post on social media. I know for most of us it can be overwhelming to think through what we should post, where to post it, and the best time to post.


The struggle is real.  Let me give you some tips to get you started, with just a little disclaimer: These tips are a great starting point, but are barely scratching the surface. For a more in-depth look into all things related to social media, and creating a well thought out content calendar, check out the end of this post for some recommendations on where to go next!


Tips for Creating Your Social Media Content Calendar


1.  {what are you promoting?}

Think through what’s coming up next in your business. What do you need to promote this month? Based on what you’re promoting, what kinds of content naturally feeds into that promotion? Do you need to give from abundance? Clients in need of some educating? Do you need to give sneak peeks into an upcoming product? Once you’ve figured out content that naturally feeds into your upcoming paid programs, products or services, schedule those bad boys in your planner! Yes, I want you to print out an actual calendar {or use your pretty planner} and start writing in content that fits with your promotional needs. I do this every month, and always allow my upcoming launches or promotions to guide my social media content calendar!


2.  {listen to what they like!}

Know what your people like. Pay attention to the things your people respond to most. It doesn’t really matter if you hate selfies. If your people love selfies, your little booty needs to be posting selfies. In fact, right now I want you to check out your Instagram feed and find the three posts with the most engagement. What are they? Quotes? Selfies? Serious photos? Behind the scenes? Write down your top three kinds of posts. No seriously, go do this. Done? Great! Whatever your top three are, you are going to plan at least one of each of your top three, each week. If your top three were an inspirational quote, a behind the scenes photo, and a selfie, you are going to put an inspirational quote, a behind the scenes photo, and a selfie on each week of that handy dandy content calendar you’ve started. That’s taken care of 3 out of 5 of your days. You’re welcome my little sparkle.  


3.  {channel your inner ping pong ball.  no really.  do it!}

Post like a ping pong ball. You know… back and forth… like a ping pong ball?!?! Okay, let me break this down for you. If you post something on Instagram and then immediately post the same thing on Facebook, there is no incentive for anyone to follow you on both platforms… because it’s always the same content. So my little sparkle, try this instead: when you post something on Instagram, don’t post it to Facebook until a couple of weeks later. Go back and forth with your content between platforms, so people following on both platforms have a reason to stick around. AND… I only recommend you do this with about 25-30% of your content! Since people only see about 5-10% of what you post, it is unlikely that you will annoy anyone with your repeated content!


Bonus Tip…. cuz’ you look cute today…


Don’t forget about the power of live video my little sparkles! Whether it’s on Facebook Live video or Instagram stories, you need to schedule at LEAST 1 live video per day, even if it’s a short one. I do have one itty bitty qualifier here… while I don’t recommend Instagram LIVE for business just yet, it is an extremely valuable way to help people get to know, like and trust you. Your followers love the realness that comes from IG stories and Insta Live. For more on IG stories and business, check out this post I whipped up for ya’ a while back!


Creating a Social Media Content Calendar matters!

Want to remove the stress, chaos, and inconsistency surrounding your online presence?  Creating a social media content calendar will help you post with purpose, and get your shine on. And you know I am all about getting your shine on…


Well now my sparkly friend, now that we’ve got some basics covered, you may feel like you need more info! No worries, I don’t blame ya’, and of course, I’ve got you covered, girl! Click here for a free social media download.


Been there, done that, need more?


I’ve still got your back. My Sparkle Start-Up beginning business course has got everything you need to build a foundation and start shining bright online. Looking for advanced social media strategies, group coaching from me, and a community to grow with? Then, my friend, you’re ready for Sparkle Media.


Being an amazing photographer is only one piece of the success puzzle. If you want to grow your biz you’ve got to learn how to optimize social media. I’m here to help with that, so join me my little sparkly friend!
You can totally rock this social media thing, let me show you how to shine online!

immerse workshops cyrissa sparkle societyAnnnnnd…. just because it’s funny…. here’s an excerpt from one of my Facebook ads.  If you struggle with creating a social media content calendar, you’re going to get a kick out of this… promise!  LOL!



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