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Let’s talk social media followers, shall we?

Your social media followers are so much more than just numbers. Write this down: that the quality of your social media followers matters much more the over quantity. As a savvy business owner, you know the value of optimizing your business online with strategically managed social accounts; however, I know that it’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics that only tell part of the story. When we have bad followers, that will only lead to bad results and algorithms. Cutting out the ca-ca followers {even if that means we have a smaller following} is totally okay! It’s much better to have a smaller quality following than a bunch of spammy accounts inflating our numbers.

Social media optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.

When we start our business, we reach out to our initial warm-ish audience {friends, family, acquaintenances} and request followers. We all do this, and it’s okay {in the beginning}, but I want you to remember something… Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Your goal today and every day is to get in front of new people and obtain a quality reach.

“The goal is to get in front of as many new people as possible.
Your reach is the most important thing.”

Your social media followers are the a-word.

No, I’m serious. The activity produced by your social media followers determines the algorithms that drive your accounts and determine reach. Each algorithm is a series of “if-then” actions that make up your social media success {or demise}. Learn more about managing those little a-words, here.

Making Good Algorithms:

  • Fast likes
  • Followers {not you} tag themselves in your pics {grab my exact script right here & teach them to tag themselves}
  • Comments, likes, shares, clicks

Making Bad Algorithms:

  • Little engagement
  • Promotional content {buy now, click here, share this, sign-up, etc.}
  • Activity from the wrong demographic.

Why this matters:

If your algorithm is good, good things will happen with your account! We have to get the ball rolling {but once it’s rolling – it’s easy to go far!}. If I have comments and spammy clicks on my image, it’s just going to be shown to more known spam/fake accounts – then I will be associated with them. Then, guess what? Facebook puts you on the pooh-pooh list. You will be associated with spammers and your account will go to the sewer. If you have a bunch of followers, but they never engage with your page, Facebook assumes that you’re not posting valuable content and shows your posts to less and less people.  Again, one of the million reasons you should NEVER buy followers!  If your loving granny who lives 500 miles away clicks, comments, and shares every breath you take online that may seem like a good thing, right? Sorry, Charlie. Your content will begin to be shown more often than not, to granny and her friends. While this is all well and good for your self-esteem, it doesn’t do much for your revenue because the brides you want to be booking aren’t going to see your content.

Now, let’s pivot.

Here’s how to fix the glitch and get what you want out of your social media followers.

  • Block countries who have known click farms {I’m not going to tell you which ones, but do your homework….}
  • Don’t promote/post/market to everyone {market directly to someone}. You know who your target audience is – seek them out, love them hard, and engage with them well. LIKE YOU MEAN IT.
  • Study your audience and pivot as needed.
  • Use ad manager to gain audience insights; target appropriately; and, know your followers.

And, lucky you!

I teach social media for photographers {and creative entrepreneurs}.  So if you think social media kinda sucks, I can help!  If you can give me just ONE AFTERNOON a month, I can help you create an ENTIRE MONTH OF SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS {that can all be scheduled in advance}!  Does that sound like a dream come true?!  Grab your nine-page social media strategy guide and go #glitterdone!

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