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Wanna talk about social media workflow and your photography business?

So, let me guess, you started your photography business because you’re a creative mastermind who loves to capture priceless memories for others in a way that no one else can. Am I right? When you put your big-girl britches on and started that business, however, I bet you didn’t realize how many moving parts you’d have to contend with. You may not have even known social media workflow was a thing. Also, does it seem like your social media workflow is more like a traffic jam most days? I’m with you, sister. I really am.

Establishing a streamlined social media workflow is crucial to your success as a business owner, and I’m going to help you clear up the mess for good. Are you ready? Let’s get your social media workflow up and going so you can be productive and focus more on capturing those priceless memories for your clients.

Let’s get that social media workflow working for you

1. Cultivate community on your page…

be someone who is constantly engaging with clients. Don’t forget to respond back to commenters and build community with your followers. Additionally, let your followers know it’s okay to be chatty with you on social.

2. Prep your clients…

{in person and in email} Let clients know when their sneak peek will be posted; what they are supposed to do when they see it; and how to get everyone else engaged, as well. If this sounds nuts and a whole lot of trouble to you, you can easily use Studio Management software {like Iris Works} to pull off these rockstar moves.

3. Edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop or any other editing program…

when you get them done, then you can get on to the good stuff.

4. Create an export “preset” in Lightroom…

let me show you about my LR process and how I work smarter, not harder, with export presets. Check out my video on exporting a preset.


5. Select sneak peeks…

once your sneak peeks are ready to go and you’ve ramped up the client’s excitement, file those sneak peaks away for easy access. You’re going to pick one photo for FB, one for IG, and two to save for the slow season. Think about the kind of photo followers on each of your platforms would like to see and pick accordingly.

6. Client teaser {excited / IG name / where / when}…

text your client to let her know the sneak peek is super close. Additionally, ask your client which social channel he or she wants to see the sneak peek posted, and what time. If your client starts interacting with the posted sneak peek immediately {and tagging him or herself} – you’ll see engagement go up! Furthermore, this generates activity allowing for others to engage as well.

sneak peek for your social media workflow

7. Schedule sneaks…

create these sneak peek posts natively inside of FB in real time and during the time you and your client agreed upon {best option}. Do the same with Instagram as well using Hootsuite, Planoly, or Later.

8. Client excitement/reminders {tag/share}…

text your client again {yes, seriously!!} remind them of everything you discussed in an email. Also, you can bribe your clients a little to boost engagement – want to know how? I’m happy to let you download the exact copy I send my clients.

9. Post sneak peek…

finally… you know you’ve been waiting for this part. 🙂

10. Engage and share…

engage in conversation and respond to comments. Be sure to thank commenters and don’t forget to share onto other platforms and to groups a day or two later. Also, you can also share from IG to FB later. Posting the sneak peek is the most important part, but don’t forget, it doesn’t end there.

Most photographers miss first eight steps in social media workflow!

If you’re missing them and seeing low engagement numbers, you are missing out! Additionally, you can leverage your social media pages much better by setting up a fab social media workflow and get all your duckies in a row.

One more thing…

Now that your social media workflow is in check, are you ready for more tips and tricks to grow your photography business? I’d love to help. Join our FREE Sparkle Society community and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who make the creative world go ’round. Also, as my little gift to you, pick up my FREE social media mini-course and learn to make your creative business shine online!

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  1. LOVE!! Thanks for helping get my booty in gear! Working on workflow today!
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