it means THE WORLD to me that you're taking the time to watch these lessons.  having camera skills is one thing..... knowing how to effectively teach is something else entirely.  it's important that you can do both!

in these videos, i'm going to share with you what i've learned from my ten years in the classroom AND almost a decade of teaching my own beginning photography classes.

don't skip these trainings.... they're a VITAL part of the sparkle academy!

why should you add a beginner's photography class to your business?


what should i teach in my photography class?


how do i effectively teach a class to ensure a high level of success?

explore learning styles
learn about multiple intelligences
brain based learning

how do i design promotional strategy & what are the key elements i need to create?

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how do i successfully market my workshop and consistently sell-out?


how do i learn from my mistakes and ensure long-term success and growth for my class?


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