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remember: these resources are for the exclusive use of sparkle academy alumni and may not be "shared" with anyone outside the group. we take this very seriously. if you're unsure, please ask!


in-design template
pdf preview

having a workbook to use in class is essential! feel free to customize my template or use it as inspiration to create your own workbook!

the lessons perfectly line-up with the power point slides and what you see me teach in the videos! so it couldn't be easier!

if you are not familiar with in-design, you can absolutely use this as inspiration to create your own! {canva is an amazing option if you want something simple!} or, you could hire someone to customize the template for you AS IT WILL NOT BE MADE AVAILABLE IN OTHER FORMATS.

you are encouraged to use your brand's fonts, but should you like to use mine:

"amberlight" on creative market

"gotham" is a free download online

want the easiest way to stay on track with your lesson AND provide a fabulous visual reference? you need a power point slide deck! this perfectly aligns with the workbook and videos of me teaching!

you'll want to customize these with your own fonts, colors and images.... my slide deck is quite lovely... but without all the branding it feels quite tame. so definitely show these some TLC!

beginner slides
intermediate slides
email copy

what in the world do you say and do to prepare your students for their in-person class with you?!

feel free to use my emails as a starting point! just be sure to customize them to your workshop and infuse your personal voice into each message!

quick note: so that we don't have to spend class time covering the super beginning info {how to hold your camera, accessories, memory cards, etc} i send them a 20 minute recorded video with this info.

mine is housed on a password protected website, but you may choose to simply use a private youtube video, or skip this step and email altogether. the choice is yours!

xoxo, c

ps - this is COMPLETELY different from the emails provided in sticky folios!!!!! so make sure you access and use BOTH!

you've designed your class, created a cool opt-in, and have all the teaching materials you need.... but how the heck do you get people registered?!

steal some of my simple social media posts and start promoting your opt-in and your class!

tweak the wording to make it your own, of course, then start filling those seats!!!

social media copy

one of the most important thing you can do, to ensure long-term success, is gather client testimonials! but it doesn't just stop at this. doing these SUPER SIMPLE tasks also helps you plan for your class, make modifications for future classes, and enables your students to become aware of their own growth.

here are the two simple surveys i use to make it happen. i'd suggest setting them up in a google form, survey monkey, or another similar program.

additionally, i have always found this blog post from Psychology For Photographers to be incredibly helpful!

it's essential that you protect yourself and your business with workshop contracts! the Law Tog is the only one i trust!

save 20% on your contracts with code "sparkle20"!

i suggest the "in-person workshop contract" - it's the exact one i use for my own class!

shop contracts
bonus lesson from rachel

struggling with the technology side of teaching a class?  stickyfolios may be your new best friend!  as part of your sparkle academy membership, nate is giving you a free trial!

already a member of sticky folios?  noproblem!  existing members will also have access to my emails, templates, opt-in, and more!

as this is NOT a sparkle society product, please reach out to their team if you have any questions or issues.  the sticky team can be reached at: support@stickyemail.com

stickyfolios trial
what is stickyfolios?


ready to teach your class and have some solid data to back you up? you're invited to participate in sparkle society's nationwide survey!

before accessing the results, i ask that you share this survey on your own PAGE to help us collect more data! the more info we have, the more informed decisions we can make!

after you've shared the survey, analyze the results and ask yourself the following questions:

• what do you notice about the confidence level of respondents?

• how much functional camera knowledge do they seem to have?

• on average, does it seem like most respondents are beginners, hobbyist, or advanced users?

• how can you best help them?

• what surprised you most about these results?

view the results

"Hey, Supermodels! I'm working on a project and am considering teaching a beginning photography class! I'm trying to collect some data and was wondering if you'd be willing to help me out! If you....

• have NOT taken a camera class in the last five years
• are NOT a pro or amateur photographer

... then I'd love to have you take this 2-minute multiple-choice survey. Your responses are completely anonymous and you won't be contacted in any way as a result of taking the survey! I'm just gathering info to help inform my decision making!

Thanks SO MUCH!
xoxo, Your Photographer

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