Remember the day you unboxed your baby? Your shiny new (or new to you) big-girl camera, that is. Maybe it wasn’t all that long ago or maybe it was a decade ago.  But by now, you know.  You know the feeling of passion, awe, and accomplishment when you cull a gorgeous golden photo session. You know there’s something more to your hobby; And, you know you want to start a photography business and {because you’re such a smarty pants} you know you need help starting a photography business.

It turns out, all those hours you spend creating art…that’s the easy part. The straightforward part. Starting a photography business has many components and they all have to be covered – every license, every tax category, every contract, disclosure agreement, every insurance policy…all of it. I’m not trying to scare you, my sweet sparkle. It can be done, but the fact is…it MUST be done. You must follow the right course of action when starting a photography business in order to protect yourself, your family and your art.

Let’s dish about the three things you must commit to when starting a photography business (pssssst. It ain’t got nuthin’ to do with your camera body or glass collection):

1.  You must be dedicated to improving your technique and artistry.

That’s right, you’re an artist. How do successful artists become amazing (hint: it’s not usually art school) – they practice! That’s right. You have to be dedicated to constantly learning more, researching techniques, taking workshops, staying on top of what’s trendy and what’s timeless. Oh, and, most importantly? Develop YOUR brand, your style and all of the things your clients will ADORE you for…what will keep them coming back for more. Hustle and heart is something only you can provide.  This business will only work if you do, so stay committed to growing your skills, your artistry, and your passion!

immerse_workshops_new_business2.  Get the facts on starting a photography business, up front.

When starting a photography business it’s important to realize that most photographers go out of business in less than three years. Depressing isn’t it?!  Starting a photography business means you have to commit to actually running the business. You aren’t going to just take pretty pictures and dance off into the sunset joining pinkies with your clients. Au contraire. You will do this: learn about becoming an LLC (and promise me you’ll become one right away!); bookkeeping; payroll; taxes; insurance; legal docs; back-up gear; branding; content management; social media; engagement; email lists…the list goes on and on (and on and on and on).

Most importantly? You MUST treat yourself seriously. Don’t undercut yourself (or your client) by providing hobbyist services when the client expects a professional to come to the table.  Recognize that you’re doing WAY more than just taking pretty photos {in fact, statistics say you’ll spend less than 15% of your time actually taking photos}, you’re starting a company.  That’s not something to take lightly, my sweet friend!

3.  Join the Community. 

When words and encouragement fall short from your family and and friends, you need a solid professional community to fall back on. While good intentioned, the majority of your friends and family members will not understand the entrepreneur lifestyle… and may actually derail you as you start your new business!  It’s so important to reach out to other professionals – best practices, tutorials, and encouragement are all widely available in a strong community of people who truly seek to lift one another up.  All the ladies {and the handful of brave men} in my private Facebook group know the value of a strong community!

So what happens next??? 

Starting your photography business is AMAZING, but you have to be prepared and know what you’re getting into. I would love to help you get started.  Click here to download my FREE guide that teaches you the five essential questions you’ve gotta ask yourself before you get started!

If you’re wondering what forms you need to complete to be legal, how much to charge, what social media platforms to use, and how to create a portfolio – guuuurl, I’ve got your back!  Get your free guide now, then let’s link arms and get you started!  Are you ready?!


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