Do you need an Instagram business account? – sparkle society workshops

Are you still on the fence about using an Instagram Business Account? About a year ago, entrepreneurs around the globe rejoiced when our pals at IG gave users the option to create an Instagram business account. However, there remain a persistent few who don’t think switching over is the best idea. Personal accounts get a […]

Mother’s Day Photo Shoots

Ermagersh! Mother’s Day is coming, Sparkles! Are you ready? Mother’s day photo shoots {especially mini-sessions} are an amazing way to connect to clients and spoil moms! Be warned, sweet Sparkle, these sessions *are* tricky business. Usually, moms are your contact. Moms are the ones who adore you first, book with you, coordinate the session, plan the […]

10 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your Business

Hey there, sweet sparkles! So many of you have realized how to play the wide global market through consistent social media marketing followed by stellar engagement. Howevah, you seem a little perplexed – sifting through the glitter – trying to figure out how to find local clients. No fear, sweet sparkles. I’ve been where you are […]

Freezer Cooking for Photographers

So you have heard of this fantastic method of meal planning called freezer cooking, right?! You whip up a bunch of delicious meals all in one day, and then freeze them for later so that you can grab dinner and have it on the table in minutes – even on a busy day. I know.  It […]

Outsourcing Your Photography Business – Weigh the Pros and Cons!

  Ok, raise your hand if the thought of outsourcing your photography business makes you want to cry. Are you a little bit of a control freak when it comes to your work?  Come on now, I know you can be! We ALL can.  But that is just exhausting.  Like…. “it’s not authentically my art unless […]