Ready to Teach a Photography Class? 4 Tips to Ensure It’s a Success!

Do I have what it takes to teach a photography class?  Of course, you do, friend. You are the professional, my friend. You can step into your role confidently and rock this thang out! I promise. Implementing my four tips will help you feel more confident that you can teach a successful photography class. Now, a little bit […]

No one is booking your photo sessions? I know why!

Are you ready to throw in the towel because no one is booking with you? I get it! However, the key to booking more clients doesn’t necessarily come down to what you’re not doing… it might be {sorry} something you are doing. Let’s talk about how you’re treating your online followers. You could, in essence, […]

Start Your Summer Photography Bucket List Today!

Do you have a photography bucket list? As photographers, we spend most of our time documenting the lives of others. We wait, watch, feel, and take-in the experiences, emotions, and goings-on of everyone around us. And then. And then, we realize that we’re missing out on capturing our very own lives. We’re not taking the […]

10 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your Business

Hey there, sweet sparkles! So many of you have realized how to play the wide global market through consistent social media marketing followed by stellar engagement. Howevah, you seem a little perplexed – sifting through the glitter – trying to figure out how to find local clients. No fear, sweet sparkles. I’ve been where you are […]

How to love a photographer.

Can I show you how to love a photographer?  Because it seems like, these days, everyone knows a photographer. Maybe you’re married to one; maybe your sister is one; maybe your son or daughter is one. Maybe you are cube-neighbors at the office with one. Everyone knows that those special, light-chasing, pink-haired, coffee-drinking, gear-toting wonders of […]

Find Your Passion & Your Purpose

Let’s Find Your Passion & Your Purpose I’ll be honest.  I never planned this post.  I didn’t think before I pressed “broadcast.”  I didn’t obsess over how I would look or what people would think or what the spammers would say.  You know why? Because it didn’t matter. Six years ago, I read a book that […]