Do you know how to get more social engagement?

I know you’ve been posting your heart out on social media with blogs, sneak peeks, live videos and all, but are you still wondering how to get more social engagement? Don’t worry, you’re totally normal! Algorithms are frustrating and with the ever-changing rules of social, it’s hard to keep up.  However, if you want to stay savvy […]

Follow hashtags and up your engagement! – sparkle society workshops

   The follow hashtags feature on Insta is basically the best ever. I’m going to tell you why you need to follow hashtags, are you ready for this?  And, maybe even more importantly, why you need to get your clients following your hashtags NOW.  Before thing becomes a thing.  Before everyone is doing it.  Let’s be an […]

Beat the Social Media Algorithm & Ensure YOUR photos are seen!

Shall we talk about the social media algorithm {aka: what’s controlling your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed} – and why nobody is seeing your posts anymore?!?!  I mean, you’re a darn good photographer and your photos are glorious!  Shouldn’t everyone be seeing your posts?  Well…. maybe, maybe not.  I know that “algorithm” is a trigger word […]