Wondering what to talk about on live video? I know! I know!

Can’t decide what to talk about on live video? I’m going to put a stop to your freak-outs for good! If you’ve been struggling to stand out on social, you have to know this! Also, Facebook live video will make the biggest impact when it comes to your reach. In fact, 30-50% of your social […]

Microphones and Lighting for Live Video

“Hey, Cyrissa!  What lighting for live video is your favorite?!”  Seriously… if I had a sparkle for every time someone asked me that question!  As if getting up the courage to broadcast on live streaming video wasn’t enough, we’ve also got to worry about lighting for live video, microphones for live video, tripods for live […]

Instagram Pods & Facebook Live Video for Photographers

Facebook and Instagram have done it again folks. They’ve made some sparkly new updates and are rolling them out all over town. And of course, I’ve got all the deets on these new updates for ya’. Plus, I’m going to share some super deep thoughts on Instagram Pods, so you should probably stick around for […]

Live streaming for business purposes! It’s good for you!

Let’s get real. You need to start live streaming for business purposes. I know that you’re not sure. I bet you’re wondering, is it worth it? Will I know what to say? What if I’m having a bad hair day or sneeze on camera? Live streaming for business purposes is not just for funsies, it’s ESSENTIAL. In […]