Is your social media workflow a traffic jam? – sparkle society workshops

Wanna talk about social media workflow and your photography business? So, let me guess, you started your photography business because you’re a creative mastermind who loves to capture priceless memories for others in a way that no one else can. Am I right? When you put your big-girl britches on and started that business, however, […]

Senior portrait sessions – learn how to hook ’em & book ’em !

Senior portrait sessions lagging? Let’s talk about it. Sparkle sisters and glitter guys – assemble. Lean-in because we’re about to have some real-talk about the one thing I hear over and over again among photogs near and far. A little bird tells me that you {and everyone} want to book more senior portrait sessions. However, […]

Mother’s Day Photo Shoots

Ermagersh! Mother’s Day is coming, Sparkles! Are you ready? Mother’s day photo shoots {especially mini-sessions} are an amazing way to connect to clients and spoil moms! Be warned, sweet Sparkle, these sessions *are* tricky business. Usually, moms are your contact. Moms are the ones who adore you first, book with you, coordinate the session, plan the […]

5 Professional Headshots You Must-Have!

Real talk, Sparkles… when was the last time you updated your professional headshots? I see you out there on Facebook; on Instagram; and even on Twitter with your well-groomed, perfectly-posed, senior portrait-esque shots. However, my loves, have you considered how valuable this type of pic is {or isn’t} to your clients and prospects? You have two or three different […]

Photography Workflow – Get it together with batching!

    Hey Sparklies! How’s your photography workflow going? This week? Any week? Ever? If you’re constantly winging that photography workflow, I have some wise words for you today, my friends! Listen up. We are going to talk about batching to streamline your photography workflow. IT WORKS. In other words, we’re gonna get those sessions done, out the […]