Is your social media workflow a traffic jam? – sparkle society workshops

Wanna talk about social media workflow and your photography business? So, let me guess, you started your photography business because you’re a creative mastermind who loves to capture priceless memories for others in a way that no one else can. Am I right? When you put your big-girl britches on and started that business, however, […]

Flying with Your Camera – Sparkle Society

Oh, the anxiety of flying with your camera. Are you with me, Sparkles? You’re on your way to a fabulous destination and all of the excitement is over-shadowed by the FEAR that your precious camera and equipment will be lost, stolen, confiscated… anything. No fear, my lovelies. I travel ALL THE TIME with my bounty […]

10 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your Business

Hey there, sweet sparkles! So many of you have realized how to play the wide global market through consistent social media marketing followed by stellar engagement. Howevah, you seem a little perplexed – sifting through the glitter – trying to figure out how to find local clients. No fear, sweet sparkles. I’ve been where you are […]

Save Time with a Studio Management Program for Photographers

Having a fabulous studio management program for photographers has been a game changer for my business!  Can we just be honest?  Prior to using a system, my client communication was lack-luster and inconsistent, at best!  Trying to remember when to send the what to wear guide, the invoices, the reminders, the requests for testimonials…. it was […]

3 Steps to Start a Photography Business

Hello my sparkly photo-loving friends! Welcome to Part 2 of the Immerse Workshops series on the basics of starting a photography business. If you missed Part 1, check it out here and then come back {we’ll wait}. I get asked the same three questions all the time; and, today, I want to lay down the law […]

Goal Setting for Your Photography Business – Part 2

Hello Sparkly Friends! If you’ve been following me on my other social media channels, you know that we’ve been giving our businesses a big warm bear hug by embracing all things new – including (and especially) setting new goals. Goal setting and goal achievement are not only a big part of your business – they should […]