Social Media Followers: They Aren’t All Created Equal – Sparkle Society

Let’s talk social media followers, shall we? Your social media followers are so much more than just numbers. Write this down: that the quality of your social media followers matters much more the over quantity. As a savvy business owner, you know the value of optimizing your business online with strategically managed social accounts; however, […]

Start Your Summer Photography Bucket List Today!

Do you have a photography bucket list? As photographers, we spend most of our time documenting the lives of others. We wait, watch, feel, and take-in the experiences, emotions, and goings-on of everyone around us. And then. And then, we realize that we’re missing out on capturing our very own lives. We’re not taking the […]

Turning Your Photography Hobby Into a Business – 3 Signs You’re Ready!

Hello my dah-ling Sparkles, are you ready to turn that photography hobby into a full or part-time business opportunity?! If you clicked onto this post, chances are you have a big girl camera; you take a fab photo; and you have the itch to take your photography hobby to the next level – and start […]

Goal Setting: Define Smart Goals for Your Photography Business – Part 3

Hello again, Sparkly Friends!!! Now that we are in goal setting mode, we have to do a little more tweaking to make sure our goals are SOLID and, most importantly, SMART goals. It won’t be painful and it WILL be worth it – promise!! Ready, set, let’s go!!! How can we be sure to set […]