Swag Bags for Your Clients

Hello my sparkling little love muffins! Today’s post is SO IMPORTANT because I am teaching you how to love on your clients in a way that they will not see coming! Yes, I know you are good at loving them during your sessions. You can ooooh-and-ahhhh at their little ones during a session; you can compliment their […]

Mother’s Day Photo Shoots

Ermagersh! Mother’s Day is coming, Sparkles! Are you ready? Mother’s day photo shoots {especially mini-sessions} are an amazing way to connect to clients and spoil moms! Be warned, sweet Sparkle, these sessions *are* tricky business. Usually, moms are your contact. Moms are the ones who adore you first, book with you, coordinate the session, plan the […]

5 Professional Headshots You Must-Have!

Real talk, Sparkles… when was the last time you updated your professional headshots? I see you out there on Facebook; on Instagram; and even on Twitter with your well-groomed, perfectly-posed, senior portrait-esque shots. However, my loves, have you considered how valuable this type of pic is {or isn’t} to your clients and prospects? You have two or three different […]

Starting a Photography Business

Ok, sweet photographer!  You’re starting a photography business and, let me guess, you want a little advice from other photographers!  You know?  The ones who have been there, done that.  Look no farther, because I’ve got your back on this one!  I asked experienced photographers to complete a survey about their thoughts on starting a photography […]

Need help starting a photography business?

Remember the day you unboxed your baby? Your shiny new (or new to you) big-girl camera, that is. Maybe it wasn’t all that long ago or maybe it was a decade ago.  But by now, you know.  You know the feeling of passion, awe, and accomplishment when you cull a gorgeous golden photo session. You know there’s something […]

Your Photography Business Sucks – Part 3

Dear Superstars, We did it. Earlier in this blog series (part 1 and part 2), we crawled through the trenches of our photography businesses. We came face-to-face with the muck that is, our self-confidence. Now? It’s time to make plans. It’s time to rise-up. It’s time to design a strategy to shine. Are you ready? I hope so, […]