Is your social media workflow a traffic jam? – sparkle society workshops

Wanna talk about social media workflow and your photography business? So, let me guess, you started your photography business because you’re a creative mastermind who loves to capture priceless memories for others in a way that no one else can. Am I right? When you put your big-girl britches on and started that business, however, […]

Save Time with a Studio Management Program for Photographers

Having a fabulous studio management program for photographers has been a game changer for my business!  Can we just be honest?  Prior to using a system, my client communication was lack-luster and inconsistent, at best!  Trying to remember when to send the what to wear guide, the invoices, the reminders, the requests for testimonials…. it was […]

the Blessing of Being Busy

Oh, the blessing of being busy… it doesn’t always bring us joy, does it?  The emails, the deliveries, the editing, the list goes on and on.  If we’re not careful, the blessing of being busy can feel WAY MORE like a burden, than anything else.  But, the good new is, with a little shift in […]