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The hardest part about creating your photography workshop is deciding what the heck to teach. You want to teach the “right” things in photography class {but what does that really mean, right?}. Because there is no solid right or wrong, you’re going to have to do some critical thinking and investigative research {that’s right, put your spy hat on… I give you permission}. Let’s get this train back on the tracks.

4 Ways to Figure Out What the Heck to Teach

1. What skills are needed {regardless of camera}?

Put yourself in the position of the professional and ask yourself some serious questions. You’re not going to be able to cover everything there is to know about photography in one class.  It’s simply not possible.  So what are the essentials that you want them to know before you leave your classroom?

If you plan to start with the exposure triangle, you’re on the wrong track!

Now, before you start thinking about the exposure triangle, I want you to slow your sparkly little butt down.  You must consider what skills everyone needs to have… regardless of their camera type. Narrow the list down to three things that everyone needs to know {no matter if they’re using a smartphone or DSLR} and those things are what you need to teach.

Of course you can teach how to shoot in manual, but not after you’ve laid the foundations.  Give a great global perspective and you’ll be off to a great start!  Have no clue where to start?  Grab my FREE “8 Things to Do Before Your First Photo Class” and I’ll get you moving in the right direction!

2. Which questions are you asked over and over?

Pay attention because those are the things that you need to integrate. This will generate excitement and make your class a hot ticket for new sign-ups because {guess what} it will get your students talking if you’re teaching what’s hot.

My best advice?  Listen to your clients.  When you hear them mention something that you know you could help with or teach, make a note of it on your phone or computer!  That way, when you’re ready to create your class {or even do a live video} you’ve got a great resource of content to use!

So many people plan to teach high-level photography techniques and concepts, but you’d be amazed at how little your students actually know about photography!  It may feel silly to talk about the best lenses for photographing your kids playing sports, or why you must use a lens cap, or why that “portrait” setting on their phone really isn’t true bokeh…. but those are some of the basic things they want to know!

3. What determines student success {from client experience}?

Pay attention to online forums and groups {is it the blurry background? composition? use of light? shooting in manual?}. Focus on three main areas {topics} and drill deep. Make sure to hone in on those areas for the deepest level of understanding and skill retention.

what to teach in a beginning photography class
{Gorgeous photo courtesy of a former student. Teach a mom to take a photo like this & she’ll love you forever!}

While you may want to cover all things photography…. sometimes it’s just too much info to handle and their brains go into overwhelm.  I’d rather see you teach a few things really well, than lots of things without much explanation.  When your students feel like they’ve learned and mastered new material – they will leave with confidence and be super happy with you!  And when they’re happy?  Well…. that’s when they tell their friends about you and your business starts to grow!

4. Survey says…

Sometimes you just need to come right out and ask. Surveys are an amazing {and usually free} way to collect data and act on it for the betterment of your brand and biz. You can shoot in the dark… let me know how that works out for ya. Or, you can just come right and ask questions. Make sure you disseminate the survey so you get a good representation of your ideal client base. Share it on your page, post it in the forums, and simply ask what people want to know. This is the most direct way to teach the right things in photography class.

Teach the right things in photography class and you’ll have clients for life!

I know that developing your curriculum and content can be overwhelming, that’s why I’m inviting you to join me for a FREE mini-workshop where we’ll figure it out together!  I’ll tell you why teaching is such a smart move for your business, what you need to teach, how to give things away in order to make money, and a few marketing tips that will ensure you get in front of the right people!  I’m personally inviting you to make more money in your photography business; without raising prices or booking more photoshoots.  It’s totally possible!  Grab my FREE checklist and we’ll have you well on your way to teaching your first class!  See you in class!

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