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Oh, the blessing of being busy… it doesn’t always bring us joy, does it?  The emails, the deliveries, the editing, the list goes on and on.  If we’re not careful, the blessing of being busy can feel WAY MORE like a burden, than anything else.  But, the good new is, with a little shift in your attitude, busy can be a blessing!  I’ve got some thoughts and some practical tips to help you manage that busy and get more focused on your life!

As business owners, with all of our entrepreneurial creativity, we’re always chasing the next thing. And, there is always a next, new, shiny, exciting thing to chase. There are truly endless possibilities when you are guiding your own ship, and the line between work and home can get blurry with a quickness.

Finding balance can be hard, and if you’re anything like me, you struggle to put up boundaries, allowing work and business to take over. So, how do we handle the busy that comes with being the boss?  As far I can see if, we have a choice to make… and I’m going to choose to see the blessing of being busy, which will bring me so much more joy in the long run!  It’s not always easy, but it can be done!  My husband and I heard this, years ago, at a parenting conference and often say it to each other:

will you choose to wallow in the mud with the hippos… or soar with the eagles?


Find the Blessing in Being Busy

1.  Your mindset matters!

You know you’ve done it. You’ve tried to take some time away from the biz to spend with friends and family. While you are “enjoying” that time, you hear the dings and see the little red circles popping up on that phone of yours.  You have two choices:

•  sneak away to the “bathroom” to respond {not that I’ve ever done that… but a “friend” of mine does}!

•  wait …. knowing you’ll return from an hour of hanging out, to a trillion emails, FB notifications and voice messages!

The struggle is real, ladies.

Here’s the thing, first, you probably need to turn off your notifications so you can actually enjoy your time away from work. HOWEVER…when you return to find all of those lovely little red circles and messages, your mindset is critical. Either those things will be a burden to you or they will be a blessing.  You have, my friend, a blessing of being busy.

Now, if you want to be all negative nancy…then you’ll look at all of that as a burden. But, I want to challenge you to reframe your thoughts when it comes to the amount of work you have to do, because those emails and notifications and client requests mean that you have clients. That means that you’re bringing in money…and last time I checked, that was a good thing!

Boundaries are healthy, but mindset here is critical. Busy is a blessing, not a burden, so get your gratitude on, girlfriend!

2.  Be intentional and purposeful about how you spend your time.

I know what you’re thinking…”duh,cyrissa!!!” okay… but let’s get real here. You know you’ve totally gotten on Facebook to answer some client messages and post some biz promos, only to get sidetracked by all of the those obnoxious {and by obnoxious I mean super adorable} cat videos. Don’t lie. You know you’ve done it.

Here’s the deal, you’ve got to get on social media to grow your business, I wholeheartedly believe that.  It’s exclusively what I’ve used to grow my six figure company {this blog you’re reading here is just months old}!

If you’re crunched for time however, you need to get things done, so stay focused and be intentional. don’t mess around and don’t add to your busy-ness by bogging yourself down with things that don’t matter. Make a list of what needs to get done, get on social and do those things, then peace outta there! Ain’t nobody got time for a bagillion cat videos…you’re busy my little sparkle!

3.  Girlboss it up on Social Media!

You know social media is my jam, so lemme’ help you handle the social media beast when it comes to being busy because this will help you see the blessing of being busy!

Most of us feel like we need to be posting everywhere, all of the time. but, that’s not the case my friend. In fact, you need to have a targeted social media strategy so you don’t waste all of that precious time of yours…you know, like we talked about in point 2!  Here are a few ways I make it happen!

1.  Post with a purpose: know why you’re posting, and don’t post unless you have a reason that makes sense for your business!

2.  Don’t add white noise: sometimes we feel like we need to just throw something up there…we don’t! Don’t add a bunch of nonsense to the interwebs…there’s plenty of that going around.

3.  Know your end game: time to get serious about your posts. What are you promoting? What is your goal? Only post things that are directly related to that end game. Otherwise…it’s just white noise, and remember, we agreed…no pointless noise!

4.  Be strategic: post when your clients are online and post what they want to see. Don’t be willy nilly about this okay? Think through your strategy and then post accordingly. You are not just on social media for social media’s sake… you are there to grow your following, to grow your business, to bring in money for your family!

Now, a quick note about you just starting your business {or social media accounts}.  Start with Facebook and Instagram, then grow from there!  Rome wasn’t built in a day… so give yourself some grace and take it slow, ok?


Are you starting to see the blessing of being busy?

Busy doesn’t have to be the burden we make it out to be, but business doesn’t need to take over every part of your life either; finding the balance is where the struggle lies!  Believe me…. I’ve walked through this struggle too.  It’s not easy and it’s going to take every ounce of you to get it figured out, but it’s totally possible!  You may need to start by taking a mini-vacation from your business!

Remember, my little sparkly friend, you don’t have to struggle alone and this really is a choice you get to make!

Having too much on our plates can make us feel overwhelmed and put us in a bad mood! Let me make something easier for you by giving you a FREE mini-workshop to get you started on the right track!! You can choose the one that best meets your needs, but if you’re reading this post, I’m guessing that you’d most enjoy some help with your social media strategy or some beginning business tips!  You can use either one of those to streamline your business so you can put busy in its proper place. Grab your free workshop and let’s show busy who is boss!  Together, we’ll find the blessing in being busy!

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