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Hello my dah-ling Sparkles, are you ready to turn that photography hobby into a full or part-time business opportunity?!

If you clicked onto this post, chances are you have a big girl camera; you take a fab photo; and you have the itch to take your photography hobby to the next level – and start a business. Today’s post is all about how to recognize the three signs that you’re ready to turn your photography hobby into a business. That was such an exciting step for me, and I know it will be for you as well! Are you ready? Hang on to your glitter bombs, girls. We’re about to get real, up in here!


The Three Signs You’re Ready to Start a Photography Business


1.  If you’ve made more than $600 with your photography in one year, YOU. ARE. A. BUSINESS.

That’s right. Once you’ve done $600 in sales, the government automatically considers you a business – so you might as well get legit, and be one already! Filing the paperwork for an LLC {which protects YOU, personally} is quick, easy, and in some states you can get same-day approval. Once you have the LLC paperwork (or other form of incorporation done) you are on your way. You can move on to secure your domain name; social handles; and everything else that will identify you as a unique and trusted business.

2.  People are frequently asking you camera questions {camera body, lenses, editing programs etc.}

There’s another sign! If your friends, family and even acquaintances are asking these questions, they are seeing you as a trusted source; an expert, if you will. When folks seek your opinion or advice, that means you are producing work others enjoy and see as beautiful and valuable art. It’s time to take yourself seriously and move on from photography hobby – to photography business! Make that hobby pay off and own it!

3.  You talk more about your side hustle than your actual job

It may seem like there’s a passion sparkling in your heart then, right? There comes a time in every hobbyists life that you have to get your priorities straightened out and decide what to do. Focusing on your side hustle {aka photography hobby} soooooo much that it distracts from your 9-5, may be cause to evaluate your future plans and priorities. After-all, your boss isn’t going to be too happy if she barges into your cube and you’re culling images from the previous evening’s GLORIOUS sunset sesh. Time to focus. Time to evaluate. And probably, dear Sparkle, time to make a move!

So what happens now?

So, what are you going to do, dear friend? Are you happy with your photography hobby or is it time to get serious and turn your passion into a lucrative and legit business opportunity? Only YOU can answer that question, but I can help you figure it out. For more information on running a photography business, be sure to join myself and other like-minded entrepreneurs over at the FREE Sparkle Society – a safe place for photographers like yourself!  Plus, as a little gift for joining our team of crazies, I’ll send you my free download that spills all of my tips and tricks for starting a photography business!  Grab your guide right here, it’s time to take yourself seriously!

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